Unable to answer or make calls

  • 23 March 2021
  • 1 reply


Hi there! I’m in need of help and can’t locate a chat option on the TMobile site.  

I’ve got the S21 Ultra and am suddenly (over the past hour) unable to make any outgoing calls or answer any inbound calls.  Regardless of if I’m on the network or on WiFi.  I’ve reboot my device and it’s not resolving the situation.  I’m able to send and receive text messages, but not voice calls. Please help!!!!!

1 reply

Turn off wi fi calling and do not use it. Also go into settings and turn wi fi calling on switch to cellular preferred then turn off it will say disabled.  It seems that the newer androids are defaulting to wifi calling after the device is turned off  and restarted i check my settings after every restart. Hopefully this helps your problems. 😊