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  • 12 October 2018
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I have exactly the same issue as you. Did you finally get your phone unlock? Please PM how. Thanks!

No. Techsupport, supervisor, manager, store manager, area managers, social media support task force on fb. No one could resolve the issue. After 2 months of follow up through different channels, finally one manager contacted me here in the forum and directed my case to executive team. They reached out to me and when they couldnt resolve the issue, they replaced it with new unlocked phone (i gave that phone back to the same executive team).

Went through horrible experience. Have a good luck.


Thank you so very much for your quick reply.

I am so frustrated too. I have been requesting the unlock code since July and no one at Tmobile could help. I hope I can also get the attention of the executive team. Thanks again for your help.

Well I'm having the same issue. After more than 4 years of proud membership, I've contacted T-mobile and asked to unlock an eligible DUAL SIM phone (clean IMEI but NOT purchased from them) I got a standard "wait for an email", and then a standard auto-email reply to use the T-mobile Device Unlock app.

The Device Unlock app said of course:  "Unlock Failed".  Permanent or Temporary. No dice!

Of course I can get another phone or pay a 3rd party to have them unlock my phone but why?  This is a clean refurbished T-mobile OS locked phone, I am a clean T-mobile customer in good standing! Should I launch a complaint with the for T-mobile's violation of CTIA code?

Simply ridiculous,


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Did you purchase the device from a T-Mobile USA store?  Which device has T-Mobile sold with a dual-SIM?  Just because a device has a T-Mobile branded stuff on it doesn't mean it was sold by T-Mobile. 

T-mobile's LG G6. No, didn't purchase it from a T-mobile USA store as I was outside of US. Got a good price from an online refurb equip vendor. Besides who purchases new nowadays?   All of my phones are dual-SIMed.

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Tmobile can only unlock the phones they sell and to my

knowledge Tmobile USA doesn't sell any dual sim phones.

Oh absolutely they should be able to unlock the LG G6 they sell (used to sell:) whether "their version" supports dualSIM or not. Just let me use the foreign carrier while outside of US! Hell I'll even settle for temporary if they can't unlock permanently. The Tmobile DeviceUnlock app that came with the phone was useless...

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The phone was probably purchased through LG and the imei number isn't in Tmobiles data base as a phone they sold.

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately that's even worse - means Tmobile put their brand logo and an OS level lock on another company's phone knowing full well it will be used on their network, bringing more subscribers, now factually blackmailing legitimate members into either getting a new phone or using a 3rd party unlocker. 

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It probably means it's an international phone from a different European country and Tmobile USA still can't unlock it.

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What makes you think T-Mobile put anything on it?  Some phones use a firmware where once booted with a SIM in it, the Play Store automatically downloads carrier apps and settings for that device.  You dod not purchase your phone from T-Mobile and it is not a specific model (dual-SIM) sold by T-Mobile.  Did you not read the conditions for T-Mobile to unlock your device?

T-Mobile does not unlock devices that are not sold directly by T-Mobile, the original owner of the device has to request the unlock on the account they purchased it on, the account has to be in good standing, and the device has to be fully paid off.  Your situation does not come close to fitting any of that. 

What makes me think?   😊   what makes me think is the fact that it is a T-mobile phone with a T-mobile logo upon booting and a set of apps that came with T-mobile's OS. Whether T-mobile's version of the phone supports dual SIM or not and whether I purchased it directly from T-mobile's "store" or from the original owner is *IRRELEVANT* as long as the original owner's account is in good standing not only because it was confirmed by the vendor who I may or may not chose to trust but because T-mobile checked the IMEI and did not reject my request for unlock and only stated that:

Please be advised that specific requirements will need to be met in order for your device to qualify for a PERMANENT unlock. The unlock requirements can be found at If you are not eligible for PERMANENT unlocking you can temporary unlock your device and are eligible for five temporary unlocks per year, each for a 30 day period.  

  • The device IS a T-Mobile device.
  • The device IS NOT reported as lost, stolen or blocked to T-Mobile.
  • The account associated with the device must IS in good standing.

I'm sorry who are you and what makes you think my situation does not allow even for a Temporary unlock?

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The device is not the definition of a T-Mobile device.  It was not old by T-Mobile USA because T-Mobile USA does not sell dual-SIM devices. 

Just about anyone can modify a device.  My Note 9 was purchased in Canada, is an XAC model, but has the exact same firmware that the device sold at the T-Mobile store here has on their devices.  IMEI's and serial numbers can be changed as well.  Clearly, the level of deception the person who tried to make that device look legit wnough to pass off as a T-Mobile device fooled you.  That still doesn't change the fact that it isn't a T-Mobile device. 

The OnePlus 6T is another good example.  You can buy the dual-SIM version of the device and easily flash it to the T-Mo ile firmware.  That would also create a dual-SIM device that will work perfectly with T-Mobile's network, use band 71, carrier aggregatiin, and so on, but that still doesn't make it a device that was purchased from T-Mobile or from an authorized T-Mobile retailer. 

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The only other thing I can think why it doesn't show in Tmobile's data base is because it's refurbished and the os was  altered to make the dual Sim work and that might of messed up the imei number.

The LG G6 from Tmobile does come with a Sim card holder for dual Sim but only one can be accessed.

Most refurbs you find online are already unlocked so

Correct, only the OS wasn't altered. I've checked that T-mobile version of the phone does not support the second SIM in this phone. Anyways the point is not the dual sim but the unlock... 😉

I think we are going in circles, pal. 😉  do you work for Tmobile or just trying to be "helpful"?  one mor time whether it's a DUAL SIM device or not,  it has *NOTHING* to do with tmobile's (as an transnational company) ability to unlock it remotely for any carrier if it is in good standing.  If you think that someone had gone thru all the trouble of purchasing an LG phone, flashing (with a T-mobile fm), put it on t-mobile's band 4 or 71, messing with IMEI just to raise it's "market value" is laughable! 

The highest market value will always be a phone unattached to anything and with less bloatware.  Or as you said One Plus can be flashed or better yet I heard ZTE have phones compatible with tmobile's band out of the box had I known T-mobile's gonna be obtuse about unlocking theirs...

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But if the dual Sim is active in the Tmobile version that means the software has been tampered with.

Have you tried Tmobiles Facebook support team through messenger?

Sim2 is dead. doesn't recognize anything except microSD. Will try FB support if need be. Thx.

To anyone who is having the same issue as described by me above.  After 2 weeks UNLOCK FAILED message, not being able to use a local carrier abroad on an eligible T-mobile's phone, getting standard empty replies from the regular support and ARSystemNotify, it was finally promptly and professionally resolved after filing a complaint with the FCC.  The IMEI of my refurbished T-mobile phone was verified and unlocked by a competent T-mobile specialist at the *Executive Response* unit.

Happy to remain a T-mobile customer.

SOLVED!  To anyone having the same issue as described by me above.  After 2 weeks of UNLOCK FAILED, it was finally promptly and professionally resolved after filing a complaint with the FCC.  The IMEI of my refurbished T-mobile phone was verified and unlocked by a competent T-mobile specialist at the Executive Response unit.

Happy to remain a T-mobile customer.

Did you get your problem solved?

I had the same problem, and tried to unlock my phone last year. After so many phone calls and chat in 2 month, I gave up.

Yes, my eligible phone problem was resolved, phone unlocked by T-mobile, unfortunately not without the push from the FCC. Please see my full course of action below and see if you meet all the necessary requirements.

I have the exact same problem. I switched service to Verizon and had my T-Mobile Galaxy S9 Plus number ported over but the phone will not unlock using the application. I have reached out to T-Mobile on FB and by telephone and am being told that it may take 24 hrs, then 2-3 days and then it is Samsung I need to speak with. I did speak with Samsung and their point is valid, the error message states "Network Lock". My account is in good standing but it seems no one really cares to make the unlock happen and I have therefore also filed a complaint with the FCC to see if that may help and hopefully this gets resolved.

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Did you buy the phone from Tmobile or Samsung?

If you bought it from Samsung the imei# of the phone is probably not in Tmobile's

system for them to unlock it. Sam as if you had warranty work done and the phone was