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  • 12 October 2018
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Hello gramps28. I did purchase the phone directly from Samsung branded for T-Mobile as I was told to get it that way in order for t-mobile wifi calling etc to work. I have spent many hours both on the phone with samsung as well as t-mobile not to mention chats. T-Mobile reps say they cannot unlock the phone and using the app is the only way to do it regardless of me telling them that the unlock app doesn't work or, they state that they can unlock the phone but it must be "whitelisted" by samsung first and they have submitted a request which will take several days but still no word. Each time I have spoken with samsung, they refer me back to t-mobile stating that they have a legal agreement with t-mobile and t-mobile can in fact unlock the phone. I spoke with Samsung again today filing a claim ticket for the phone to be returned to them as I am calling it a problem with the phone and should be addressed under warranty since the pre-installed unlock app that came on the phone does not unlock it. It sucks to pay the that kind of money for a phone and not even get 5 months use out of it because it wont switch carriers due to a "network lock" that should have never been on the phone to begin with. I have had t-mobile  for some time and have never really had any issues to call upon their customer service and the only reason that I switched to Verizon is because in my state, KY, as weird as it sounds, there are areas of the state where only verizon is allowed to use their towers. However, I am very disappointed in both t-mobile and samsung for the run around I have received from them but I will not give up until this issue is resolved.

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Usually Tmobile support on Facebook can get the imei# number put in the system

to generate the unlock request so I suggest contacting them again.

I don't work for Tmobile but have seen this issue quite a bit and T-Force usually get it done.

You can also message John Legere the CEO on Facebook messenger. You will be

contacted by his staff. They can get almost anything done.

Update for those that may run into the same problem. I called Samsung support to return the phone with a claim ticket number provided in the chat on their site,  but the agent I spoke with didn't want to allow me to return the phone and here we go again with the same song and dance I've heard from them and t-mobile since this problem came about last Wednesday. I informed the Samsung agent that because the phone came from them 5 months ago and the pre-installed "t-mobile unlock app" doesn't work, I expected them to either fix the phone or provide me with a new phone or I would gladly have a lawyer send a letter of demand on Monday. I was placed on hold and when the agent came back on, it was agreed that we would do a conference call with a T-Mobile rep. The rep basically said everything that I have been told already by other t-mobile reps, e.g. it would take several days to get the phone whitelisted but my response was, since we have Samsung on the call, why can't we resolve this right now? I was placed on hold by Samsung and I kid you not, I tried the unlock app while on hold and although it didn't work 5 minutes previously, the unlock app worked and the phone rebooted and here's the strange thing, all traces of T-Mobile including the splash screen were gone once the phone rebooted. I'm glad this was finally resolved and hopefully t-mobile and samsung get this kink worked out so others don't have to jump through hoops to switch their phone to another carrier.

Have you contacted the FCC in regards to your issue? I've found that gets swift results.

I know this tread is old but the problem still remain. I got a phone direct from T-mobile store. Cheap one. Called CS a few days later to request an unlock. Has been told to refill $100 more (I'm on prepaid plan) in order to proceed with the unlock. Paid over the phone with the same representative and she told me to try unlock the phone. It's failed. So I've been issued with an unlock request number and  CS told me to wait 72 hours before I could unlock. I've got e-mail  a couple days later that my device is not eligible for unlock. Called again and the another lady told me it was a mistake and the phone will be unlock in 24 hours guaranty. Well, more than 24h has passed and the unlocking has failed again with the same message. So I called to TM. The CS lady told me I have to wait 14 days from the purchase date to unlock the phone and other CS's shouldn't promise me to get the phone unlock before this date.  The CS set up a date to unlock the phone. Today is the date. And guess what?  I still have the same "error 255" about the device is not eligible.

P.S. Thanks, magenta10161016 for the FCC link .I'm going to use it for sure.

I found this thread after doing a Google search for similar problems because I had the same issue with a Galaxy S10 that I bought directly from Samsung last year, and now a Galaxy s20 that I bought directly from Samsung. Both were T-Mobile variants of the phone and I just could not get it unlocked no matter what I tried. Every T-Mobile representative I talked to said they could not unlock it unless I had purchased the phone directly from T-Mobile, which does not make sense. after many frustrating rounds of talking with T-Mobile representatives and Samsung representatives and getting nowhere, I took the advice of the person who said to file an FCC complaint, and within two days of filing that complaint I was called by someone from the executive response team. I explained to the issue and she agreed that I should be able to unlock the phone because it was fully paid off and been on the T-Mobile network for several months. It took her a few phone calls and some escalation but within about an hour she managed to get my phone permanently unlocked for me. she definitely apologized and said that customers should not have to file an FCC complaint just to get their phones unlocked so she was going to look into why this is happening. The but for now it seems to be the only way to get your phone unlocked if no one else will help you.

Same problem with me.  I have a Samsung s10 (only 10 months old) with T mobile and paid off fully but the permanent unlocking from phone setting is keep on failing with an error 1019.  

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Same problem with me.  I have a Samsung s10 (only 10 months old) with T mobile and paid off fully but the permanent unlocking from phone setting is keep on failing with an error 1019.  

how long ago did you pay it off fully?

Same issue for me. I’ve been with T-Mobile since 2004.  I always pay for my phones outright. I bought my Samsung G S10+ directly from Samsung (paid in full) and have been getting the run around from both T-mobile and Samsung for weeks now.  I am about to try the T-Force after reading these post. If that fails next will be the FCC.  To be continued.