unknown device on account

  • 18 December 2021
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I purchased my phone from but it does not show when I log into my tmobile account. Can anyone tell me how to rectify this problem to show my device.

2 replies

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Only devices purchased from T-Mobile will show as the actual device in your account.  Whether the device shows up as the actual device or unknown, does not affect the devices connectivity or performance on the T-Mobile network.  However, BYOD’s are not allowed to domestically roam, which means, you can’t roam on to AT&T or US Cellular if you are in an area where T-Mobile doesn’t have service but does have a domestic roaming agreement in place for that area.  

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Re BYODs and Domestic Roaming. AFAIK, this only ever affected US Cellular and it wasn’t T-Mobile’s fault. US Cellular demanded T-Mobile give them a list of their phones so T-Mobile provided the TACs of all the LTE phones they’d sold. US Cellular implemented it as a whitelist. This never impacted iPhones. I’ve heard that BYODs can now roam on USCC.