• 19 September 2021
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Good day ! I moved to another country. And I can't put another operator's sim! phone status is not locked, the phone was purchased from Sprint. But since you have united into one company, in the phone settings it says UICC is blocked, unlock my phone. IMEI 99001361048756 OnePlus 7 Pro. Sorry for my bad english

2 replies

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Hey there, this is a forum populated with awesome savvy individuals, employees, and some T-Moblie moderators so I recommend removing your IMEI from the post because no one here can access your account. 

You will need to reach out to care via T-Force or by dialing 1-505-998-3793 since you’re not in the US.

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This sort of thing is always easier to resolve while you are still a customer and in the USA.

As @magentatechie says, no one here can access your account. You can call the number above or perhaps reach out to @TMobileHelp on Twitter, though they may have some issues validating your account if you are no longer a customer.