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  • 15 March 2023
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My Samsung S-22 Ultra will not receive “third party verification codes”.  It appears this is an ongoing serious issue with T-Mobile.  When I called, the T-Mobile rep told me I needed to use the T-Mobile app on my phone to connect to a chat with a rep who could then unblock my phone.  Ok.  Great.  

I have the app but have never signed on to it.  GUESS WHAT?  To set up the app, it wants to send a code to my phone and my phone will not even receive their own code.  EXTREMELY frustrating.  I cannot even access my bank via my phone.  We need solution that does not in tale the customer having to waste HOURS of our valuable time over a code.

3 replies

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they just need to add short code to your line. not everyone wants it so its usually an add on and not automatically added.


you can either call back in or contact TMO through one of their social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.


the later two lands you with a higher tier support.

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You can also try a different sms app. When I used Textra the short codes stopped working for Tmobile and went with the stock app from my Pixel and they went through.

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If your account is a prepaid account.  Most banks can’t send 2FA’s to prepaid numbers or VIOP services.