• 18 November 2020
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I’m in the process of changing from an old Samsung Note 5 to the IP 12 Pro Max. Before I activate my new phone, I need to backup my visual voicemails somewhere that is easily accessible and safe. I can’t lose not one voicemail. They are of my deceased Mom’s voice whom I recently lost to this pandemic and I would be crushed if I lost those messages. Can someone tell me how to save them? I’m told that they won’t save to the Apple phone because visual voicemail is unique to Andriod only. Thank you.

2 replies

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You should have an option to save them to local storage.  The Note 5 is incredibly old, but I had no issues saving voicemail on my S9+, Note 9, various OnePlus devices, etc.  Once saved, find them on the internal storage and copy them to your PC or upload them to some sort of online storage. 


I'm an idiot.  Got my dad new phone and transferred everything from old to new w Samsung switch app.  Didn't separately save visual voicemails and now the voice of his deceased mom is gone.   You know of anyway to recover these voicemails ?