Watch4 LTE - no texts

  • 20 September 2021
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Phone: Galaxy A51 5G

Watch: Samsung Watch4 LTE version - received 4 days ago

I purchased a Watch4 to be able to go running/biking & still receive calls/texts without having to take my phone with me. I received my watch on Thursday & started setting it up. I noticed that the ability to receive calls/texts on my watch when on LTE wasn’t working properly. 

On Saturday, I stopped in to my local retail location. The folks there were so great & super helpful. After some troubleshooting, they reset my network on their side to see if that may help whatever is going on.

After doing this, my watch started receiving phone calls on LTE. However, it was still not receiving testing text messages. The poor guy helping me tried everything he could think of to get this working but was ultimately not successful.

At one point, we did see a message on the watch (which is no longer there) that said there’s a setting on the phone which was making it unable to receive texts. The message didn’t say what setting it was, though, so we went through every setting we could possibly think of, short of resetting the entire phone. 

Does anyone know of what else I can do to get texts successfully going to my watch while on LTE? This is the entire reason I bought the watch at all so not having that functionality is very disappointing. 

5 replies

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This is a known issue. The workaround is to pair the watch and phone by Bluetooth.


That’s not really a workaround, since it doesn’t achieve the desired result. 

I ended up resetting the watch entirely & starting from scratch. After doing that, it seems to be working properly on LTE - I’ll test it out for a few days & see how it goes. 

Well glad to hear that the reset fixed it (for now) but if the issue occurs again and persists, submit error report through the wearable app and/or the samsung members app as soon as you can. Doing so will let the techs at the Samsung look into the issue better and hopefully figure out what the cause is. 

I also can't make call or text from watch when phone is off. Why make us pay for service if the watch can't make calls by its self. If I can't make standalone call from watch I will be returning the watch. I do not want to pay the service plan for watch if this is not working.

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I had the deluded idea that the watch was a standalone device, but it seems directly dependent on the phone.  It is not clear in my mind if it is entirely dependent on bluetooth and proximity to the phone or not. Or if the phone itself needs to be left “on” if you leave it at home.  

If it can receive an 4G LTE signal, connect with the network, then piggyback on its connection to the phone, then it could be a useful device.  Mostly it seems from what I have read in reviews in various places, parents want the watches to keep track of their kids. I am deciding whether to keep the SS watch 4 I just received.