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  • 10 November 2021
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“Connection problem or invalid MMI code” What causes this message and what does it mean. Presently  phone show it’s dialing and it never rings the number.


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If you are receiving an invalid MMI code message and confirmed that you have completed the correct code and are eligible to use the service or feature The subscriber Identification Module Card, also known as a SIM could be damaged. 


If it is the carrier will replace the SIM card on your behalf. If you suspect you've got an incompatible SIM and you are unsure, go to the nearest retail store and request them to test the SIM card. You can also contact your carrier via telephone or email and request that a new one is issued to you.


If you type in the wrong code on your phone for a particular characteristic (such as calling forwarding) you'll get an "Invalid MMI Code." It's also possible to get an "Invalid MMI Code" message after you've entered the correct information in the event that you're not subscribed to the feature or service by your service provider. 

For instance, some carriers provide the ability to forward calls as a standard feature however, others require you to pay an additional fee to use the service. If your phone is compatible with making these codes, make sure that the data entered into this code matches and you're eligible to use the feature or service.