What used phones work with the upcoming system architecture

  • 13 October 2021
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Hi there, T-Mobile appears to offer two paths to the new tower changes coming at the end of the year; one is to enter an IMEI number of an existing phone and the other is to purchase a new phone.   What if you don’t want to buy a new phone and want to purchase one used? 

There is no list of model numbers that will work on the new system.    Can you not provide something?   I am interested only in Android.

3 replies

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If you’re looking to Bring your own device (BYOD) , I’d be careful where you’re getting it from, especially 3rd party sites. WIth that being said, You’ll want to make sure the phone supports the band frequencies T-Mobile towers use. It’s hard to suggest a phone without knowing the exact model Android you’re looking at, however, between the links I posted, they should help point you in the right directions of important things to check for before you pick your device.


Thanks, now I should have said I understand the band supported requirement.   The unclear item is VOLTE, as this is not something they normally put in a spec sheet and I’m not even sure if VOLTE is a positive requirement or not.  The VOLTE is the true item that is not well documented.

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VoLTE is required for any devices coming in as a BYOD. heck even devices that have been on TMOs network for quite some time are going to be running into this if they do not have VoLTE.