Whatsapp Media didn't transfer to new phone

  • 13 March 2022
  • 1 reply


There is an issue with Whatsapp on S21. The old phone is still present. Media such as photos and videos didn’t transfer. In their place you can see a box where the media should be. There are some other issues such as being able to call out and receive texts. Should the app be uninstalled and reinstalled? Can the old phone still be used to provide a backup even if there is no network?

1 reply

If you get a new smartphone and install WhatsApp, your old chats and groups don't get automatically imported to the new phone. But with some simple steps, it is easy to ensure that all of your messages, pictures, and media transfer properly to the new device. Even when moving from an iPhone to an Android phone.

Beside this you can also install gbWhatsApp to play. On WhatsApp's main screen tap the three dots button ⋮.
Select Settings.
Tap Chats.
Go to Chat backup.
Tap the BACK UP button.
Important: If your videos are not backed up using other apps (like Google Photos), remember to check first the option Include Videos, otherwise, the backup will have only messages and photos.