When are we getting Android 12 on the Z Fold 3. People that didnt even buy from you are waiting on tmobile to approve it

  • 4 January 2022
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Samsung says to ask T-Mobile when they're going to approve z fold 3 12 update

7 replies

I would also love that to go through please! Bought mine direct unlocked from Samsung and still can’t get the update yet. 

Same here! Had S21 Ultra and android 12, upgraded to Z Fold 3 and can't get it. What's the hold up T-mobile? 

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I need answers as well!!!  I bought the Fold 3 Unlocked from Samsung directly and I'm using TMobile currently.  After multiple complaints and emails to Samsung corporate, I was finally contacted today by a Samsung Pro specialist who basically told me that they would love to release the update but the delay is 100 percent because of T-Mobile.  His exact words were to "Contact T-Mobile directly and maybe they can shed some light as to why they are dragging their feet on such an important update" He also said T-Mobile is notorious for taking longer than any carrier to  certify and release software updates and that I should consider that in the future when choosing a provider. So what's the deal T-Mobile!?!?!  Verizon has the update!  


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Not only Verizon but also AT&T. What's the hold up?

I asked Tmobile help on twitter and they said:

We don't have any official date for the rollout of Android 12 on the Galaxy Fold 3. We do keep this link as updated as possible, which shows which devices are in what phase of getting the update.… This link is more specific to the Galaxy Fold 3, so this might be a good page to check back on frequently for updates:… I hope that helps!

Timo has no idea. It's very strange the other carriers released it a week ago or more in the US. It's tough because I use an unlocked version and still must wait for T-Mobile. I'm going to try buying SIM cards from other companies and registering on their Network and checking for the update and switching back to the T-Mobile SIM card. It just seems safer than flashing.

I put in a Google fi SIM card and update started downloading when I went to settings check for updates. I did not downloading apps for Google fi or sign up for it. It made me reboot one time after I put the SIM card in though.


I want it ASAP too but let's be reasonable.  The stable android 12 for fold devices was just released by Samsung a week ago. The first release was super buggy and soft Bricking devices. I would be happy with a 2 week window. I jump on the complaining bandwagon then.