When is 5.1.1  coming out for LG G2  D80130c

  • 4 January 2016
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It's  starting to look like if any of us that like update  are not going to get 5.1.1n  much less Marshmallow 6.0  guess  NEXUS   is the only phone that gets update with a Carrier  holding things up


is there any truth to the rumors that we with a LG G2 are going to get 5.1.1  ?

6 replies

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Software version: LG G2

That's the only thing T-Mobile will talk to.

Based on the age of the device, the likelihood in my opinion of getting any additional updates beyond the Oct 5 update is probably slim to none.

seems a cop out by T .  oh well know what phones to get next time.     it can't be that expensive for their software engineers  to update  the specific  code to lay over  6.0    the hackers that do NOT  have access to the specific hardware info do it all the time, so T  who makes the hardware should be able to in a month

as more users get older and wiser T will loose more of them

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It's not T-Mobile.

It's Samsung.

If Samsung doesn't release a version of the OS for a device, T-Mobile can't approve it for that device.

you may not have noticed this thread is about the LG     g2     not about  Samsung  , but I agree   thanks

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*replaces word "Samsung" with "LG"* -- stupid manufacturers using a single letter and a number getting me confused 😊

My apologies -- I've a cold and have been coughing like crazy.  I decided to come peruse the forums a bit ago to alleviate some attention.

But, the answer is the same -- Manufacturer builds the OS for devices, not carriers.

nothing to apologyse for, just making sure you had noticed, but as i said I agree with you about Samsung doing the same, they the Android (linux)  OS   and midify it so much to make their phone "special"  that it forces the phone into early obsolescence  when in fact it is  needed updates for safety  and to fix issues like sever battery drain

hope you feel better  😉  lots of Vitamin C , D3   says this doctor 😉