When is my S4 getting lollipop?

When is my S4 getting the lollipop update? ATT is getting theirs. ATT also updated the S3 to KitKat, TMobile did not. I sincerely hope TMobile isn't planning on skipping over the S4 for the lollipop update. If that is the case I will never buy another phone from TMobile again. This will be the second phone that TMobile decided to skip for an update when other carriers have released the update to their customers. When will the S4 lollipop update be pushed?


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That information from the Samsung rep is just plain wrong.

It has already been shown that the manufacturer develops the updates.

All the carrier does is testing.

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S4 is not even listed as being in manufacturer development, so it will be a while. Talk to Samsung, as the ball is in their court. TMO (and all other carriers) does not estimate firmware release dates.

Not listed on TMobiles site maybe but ATT is already pushing the lollipop update to the S4.

Galaxy S4 On AT&T Gets Android Lollipop OTA Software Update

AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S4 is now receiving Lollipop update - news

AT&T is rolling out Android 5.0.1 Lollipop for its Samsung Galaxy S4 | Android Central

Will TMobile S4 owners get the update or will TMobile skip over the S4 as they have done in the past with the S3 and KitKat? S4 owners in other countries have already received the lollipop update for the S4 (yes I realize there are different models/variants) so like I stated, not listed on TMobiles site as being in manufacturers devolopment is obvious. Not being in manufacturer development at all? I don't think so. So will we get the S4 lollipop update or not?

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The software update page contains the only information that TMO will disclose.

So basically T Mobile is going to drag their feet and then decide not to release it exactly like they did for the S3 and kitkat. I will not be purchasing any more devices from T-Mobile. You would have to be a fool to do so. It's so obvious what T-Mobile is trying to do. Sneaky and underhanded business practice no doubt. Oh well, at least I know. No lollipop for the T-Mobile S4 folks!

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I have an S3 myself, and was running KitKat before I switched to T-Mobile. I don't miss it. I could upgrade to 5.1 tonight if I wanted to, yet I see no point in doing so. All it would mean is that I'd have to reconfigure my home screens & other customizations and would lose wifi calling in the process.

What specific features in Lollipop do you want that you don't currently have?

I like that when a call is received it doesn't cover the whole screen while an app is open. Also I like that you can swipe through the settings screens. I may be wrong but I believe lollipop uses less system resources to operate. I'm sure I'm missing a few things that I will remember later. No big deal. I believe T-Mobile does this so people will buy new phones but nothing I can do without installing a custom ROM. Oh well. Thanks.

Samsung said that it has released the Lollipop Update to T-Mobile back in March.

Where did you see that?

I never saw such news.

Samsung was barely finished with the s5 update then.

I doubt that sad accurate.

I sure hope so and I also hope that T-Mobile releases the update to it's customers. T-Mobile did not release the KitKat update to the S3 and other carriers did.

I called Samsung Support this evening and they have released it but because of many bugs it was pulled and is in the process of being re released to Carriers this Month, then it's up to T-Mobile to add there bloatware and release to SGS4 owners.

My chat session also

Me: My Question is Will T-Mobiles Samsung Galaxy S4 M919 get the New Samsung Touchwiz and Android Lollipop Update?

Freddie: Yes, the device will get the Samsung Touchwiz and Android Lollipop Update.

Thank you sir. You have cheered me up! I appreciate the news.

ATT already released lollipop to their S4 customers. Check out the links in an earlier post.

I just contacted Samsung Support and this is what I got:

Chat InformationPlease wait for a Samsung Agent to respond.

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'Roxana'. There will be a brief survey at the end of our chat to share feedback on my performance today.

Chat InformationYour Issue ID for this chat is LTK1125603645215X

Roxana: Hi, thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support. How may I help you today?

Visitor: Hello I have just one question.

Visitor: I own a Galaxy S4 M919 TMobile. I am wondering if it will get the new touchwiz update and the lollipop update. Thank you

Roxana: Thank you for the model number.

Roxana: I'll provide you with the required update information.

Roxana: As of now, this device  operates on Android version 4.4.4, KitKat (M919UVUFNK2).

Roxana: The Samsung Customer Care team cannot speculate on when a future software update may be released and can provide information only on available updates in the U.S. When a new update is made available you'll receive an alert on your phone or informed by your carrier.

Roxana: We will also relay news about software releases on our Twitter®️ and Facebook®️ pages. You may follow us on Twitter @SamsungSupport.

Visitor: OK I don't need to know when. I was just asking if it will get the updates.

Roxana: Here in live technical support we cannot speculate when/if an update will be made available. We're only authorized to provide correct information. Providing incorrect information may lead to incorrect or false information.

Roxana: Please check for periodic updates on your phone from the settings>>About device>>Software updates.

Roxana: I wish I could have surely provided you the update details if we had any information of the future updates.

Visitor: OK thanks I only want to know if my Samsung device will be updated or not. Is there a department that can answer this for me? I understand that you are not allowed to so please understand I'm not complaining only asking.

Roxana: Yes, I understand that you're asking whether there will be a new update for your device. However, there is no department which can provide you with the exact update information. The software updates are pushed by the carrier and this may differ from one carrier to another. If you would like, I can help you to file a ticket and with the ticket number, contact our dedicated voice support team to check with further information.

Visitor: OK yes thank you.

I talked to Samsung today and they said it was completely up to the carrier. This is VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE TMOBILE! The least you can do is give us a simple answer, yes it's going to get the update or no it is not getting the update. WE WILL NOT BE PURCHASING ANOTHER PHONE FROM TMOBILE!!!!

That information from the Samsung rep is just plain wrong.

It has already been shown that the manufacturer develops the updates.

All the carrier does is testing.

I switch to T-Mobile for the "cheaper" 4g LTE plan.

I buy a refurbished S4.  First one I got has a bad camera.  The one I have now - hard to tell if it's working "right" or not, since it reboots by itself at random times, and doesn't seem to want to connect, and now and then the keyboard does nothing.


The big reason I got the phone was for the 32gb memory card feature.

Got the phone, had the 4.4.4 update.

I now can no longer "officially" use the memory card, since this capability was removed for 4.4.4.

So, until I get 5 (which I presume restores SD card functionality) I basically DO NOT HAVE THE FUNCTIONALITY I WAS PROMISED WHEN I BOUGHT THE PHONE.

I hardly get an LTE signal, even though I'm in a coverage area (and now and then get it).  Is it the phone, or T-Mobile?  I don't know.  I had another issue with the phone not booting, ended up talking to a guy at Samsung, who hung up on me... great service there...

BUT, what I do know is that the phone is sold with the feature of being able to save things to the card, which it can't with Kitkat 4.4.4.. So what I want to know is, how does T-Mobile plan on compensating me, since I effectively do not have what I've paid for?  Lollipop at least addresses this issue directly, from what I know.

Until then - I'm being ripped off, never mind the lousy coverage - or malfunctioning refurbished S4?

The change to sd card was a design choice by Google and not T-Mobile or Samsung.

Neither company promised updates either.

I don't see anything that would warrant T-Mobile to compensate you for anything. The sd card still worked for media like was intended.

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Regarding the coverage, have you tested the T-Mobile network with another device in order to isolate the issue?

Another option is to do the T-Mobile Test Drive program. It is intended for prospective customers, but they probably won't know or care if you already have an account. Also, iPhone antennas are usually inferior to those of Samsung, so if the reception is better on the iPhone, the cause is most likely the device.

You might also want to download a signal strength app. This will tell you exactly how strong the signal is, rather than just looking at the bars, for which there is no standard of measurement. I like the app called Network Signal Info, but there are plenty of others to choose from.

As an aside, I recently spoke with a tier 2 tech support rep who indicated that the S3 is one of the most reliable phones around (much more so than the S4 or S5). Seems like even an LG Optimus L90 (which often goes on sale for ~$50) might give you better performance that your S4 is giving you. It has Lollipop & the SD card slot works. The main downside is that it lacks LTE.

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theartiszan wrote:

The change to sd card was a design choice by Google and not T-Mobile or Samsung....The sd card still worked for media like was intended.

I'm curious to learn more about this. Does this mean that one can still use an SD card with an S4 running KitKat, provided it is used for media & personal data (i.e., not applications)? Or is SD card functionality completely missing with S4/KitKat?

In that update, Google implemented a new security policy that applications were not allowed to write to the sd card.

This was supposed to only allow writes to folder locations that were made when the application was installed. But in a lot of cases the applications were not allowed to write to the sd card at all. The only exception were applications that are pre-installed. So applications like "my files" still could copy and move things to the external sd card but other file managers couldn't do so.

But music and pictures could be copied to the sd card from the computer when connected via usb cable.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 WILL be receiving the Lollipop update... eventually.  This from a customer service rep via chat:

"We still don't have any news on when the update will be released but I'm sure it'll be pretty soon and you'll be able to update your Samsung S4 to the Lollipop update. I'll leave a note on your account about this conversation for future reference and rest assured that we are notified about your concern."

Mind you, it wasn't easy at ALL to get that statement.  "Jan", the CSR, tried to dodge and dodge the question but first offering to check the "list" and told me it wasn't listed "yet".  She told me to call Samsung because it was up to them to develop Lollipop for my device.  I told her I already did and they said T-Mobile already has it and it's ready to roll out.  I informed her all of T-Mo's competitors had already rolled it out for their customers and they were way behind all of them.  I said I'd hate to go have my S4 unlocked just to go to a carrier who'll support my device.  It was then that "Jan" released the above statement (copied and pasted from chat).  Mind you, this chat convo took at least a half hour with the CSR trying her best to avoid giving a straight answer.

I believe some folks' theory that T-Mo is waiting as long as possible to convert us to S6 users are spot on.  It worked in my case.  After the lengthy "conversation, "Jan" offered me a great deal -- I owed $200'ish on my S4 and she authorized turning my S4 over at the nearest store for the full equipment cost owed and around $30'ish per month to upgrade to the S6 Gold.  I'm much happier with it (still getting used to Lollipop though) especially because of the larger screen size and much quicker shutter speed on the camera.

Anyway, even though I took the bait and upgraded, I specifically came back on here to set the record as straight as possible for S4 users since I've spent HOURS over the last few weeks trying to get a straight answer.

theartiszan wrote:

The change to sd card was a design choice by Google and not T-Mobile or Samsung.

Neither company promised updates either.

I don't see anything that would warrant T-Mobile to compensate you for anything. The sd card still worked for media like was intended.

It was t-mobile's choice to update to 4.4.4, that  removed the functionality.  While Verizon s4 owners are getting Lollipop, tmobile choose not to push 5 on us for some reason.  One or the other choice Tmobile has made prevents the functionality advertised ON YOUR SITE for a phone YOU sell.

Tmobile should have on the S4 page that the sd card functionality will not be fully functional - as it wasintended.

It obviously does NOT work as intended. Third party apps do not work as they did prior to the update.  While this is addressed with other carriers moving customer's s4's to 5, tmobile is not.  The phone I have bought from tmobile -  - and paid in full - does not work as advertised. 

And if t-mobile didn't update the phone to 4.4.4 to preserve that functionality there would be people complaining too.

No one forced users to take the update.

The s4 will be updated to 5 but it takes time for all the reasons already discussed on this board.

Blessed be the corporations, for they are holy.

Lollipop is available for the S4, just not being pushed out by T-Mobile, this is confirmed.

Why upgrade to Lollipop?  It's needed for mirrorlink V1.1 to synch in to the more updated tie in to many car manufacturers, such as Hondalink, in order to use your phones Nav instead of a very expensive nav upgrade to the car.