When will Samsung enable esim functionality for Galaxy S20 5G phones?

  • 11 January 2022
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TMobile currently hasn't updated their network to allow Galaxy S20 phones to use their esim functionally. I would like an estimation (the more precise the better) of when they will be updating to allow for this functionality. I've had this phone for well over a year now and the TMobile rep I purchased the phone from guaranteed that this network update would soon allow my S20 to use esim. 

4 replies

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@dmacvean sorry we can’t give something specific on software updates. Those dates can slide for different reasons, so it’s best that we don’t give dates for that kind of stuff. We’ll update our support content if there’s any changes to software.

What has happen since? 

I hear Android 12 will include esim compatibility for all s20. My friend has it on his verizon s20 and it's confirmed hopefully tmobile will roll out the update soon. 

Updated to Android 12 for my s20 ultra. esim not support yet. 😒