when will the Samsung Tab s6 get the Android 10 update?

  • 26 June 2020
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Wondering when we might see this update. There are numerous Reddit posts online and Tmohile forum posts  asking this same question …

It feels like you guys are neglecting this expensive device. And its a newer device too.



2 replies


I asked this same question a couple days ago. Got a generic "We don't know when, but it's coming" response. Every other variant of this tablet has been getting this update since April. Not to mention T-Mobile has a history of abandoning their tablets post-release. I kind of hoped this one would be different, being a flagship tablet.


This isn't the representatives' fault, but it's crazy to me that T-Mobile isn't sharing this information with their support staff. It's clearly a hot issue.


This is the last tablet I'll be buying from T-Mobile.

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Agreed.  This is so incredibly lame of TMobile, we are wayyyyyy behind on our security updates too. 


February 1st? 


Tmobile needs to address this..