When will the T399 receive KitKat?

  • 30 December 2014
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T-Mobile is MetroPCS' parent company and it had 4.4.2 for the T399 (Galaxy Light). Why is T-Mobile lagging behind?


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as I said in Re: When will the T399 receive KitKat?

T-Mobile doesn't pre-announce a time frame for any software updates for devices.   Watch the Software versions & updates: Samsung Galaxy Light document for updates when they're released.

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45 replies

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When will my device receive the latest KitKat 4.4 software update? : Cell Phones | Samsung

Samsung's official list doesn't include the Samsung Galaxy Light as getting KitKat anywhere.

I think MetroPCS's sales page for the SGL is in error since I can't find ANYTHING ANYWHERE other than that page that says the SGL has KitKat (of course, I haven't done a lot of searching, apparently you have, so would you care to share other information that suggests the MetroPCS version has KitKat?)

Phone Details

Samsung Galaxy Light specs

samsung galaxy light full review for metro pcs - YouTube

Samsung Galaxy light - KITKAT UPGRADE - YouTube

And the fact that there are users at XDA Developers who have shared the 4.4 ROM, complete with T-Mobile settings, to flash onto T-Mobile phones.

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The youtube links -- one says 4.2.2 (which is what it has), one has someone claiming it's going to get the upgrade, but doesn't provide any proof (I point back to my Samsung link), and one doesn't have any OS version information anywhere.

So, now that I've been able to find a MODEL NUMBER, there's a different model number between the two -- T399 vs T399N.

I do agree that "hey, one version of this phone has it, why doesn't the other".  But, this is no different than the fact that international models of a device will get updated before the US versions of that device (again, different model numbers -- there's different hardware).

So, I'll answer with what would be the T-Mobile response -- T-Mobile doesn't pre-announce a time frame for any software updates for devices.   Watch the Software versions & updates: Samsung Galaxy Light document for updates when they're released.

(There really have been no rumors out for any updates... which was my surprise to find that 4.4 exists for the Metro version)

With the following article, getting the Kitkat upgrade becomes a security issue:

Google won’t fix bug hitting 60 percent of Android phones | Ars Technica

Since Tmobile Galaxy Light is running 4.2.2, the phone is vulnerable. We know Kitkat is possible because MetroPCS version already has Kitkat. Is Tmobile going to try to push Kitkat for the phone sooner than later now that it's a security issue?


Thank you for that article, Paul. The way I see it, TMo can either dump this phone, or get a KK ROM out yesterday.

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Meh @ that article.

Even if Google did go back and fix the source code for Android 4.0-4.3, it would require the phone manufacturers to make a build of the OS with the fix, have THEM test it, and THEN get the carriers to add their required stuff to it and test it before it could get deployed.

It says it's 60% of phones out there, but we don't know what devices make up this 60%, and whether they're still supported devices or not.  4.0 was released just over 3 years ago and 4.2 was released just over 2 years ago.  4.3 was released a year and a half ago.  If you look at the support time frames for most of these devices, they usually end after 2 years.  Which highly suggests anything that was updated to 4.0-4.2 is probably at the end of it's cycle.

That said, the SGL is 15 months old and well within the time frame to even have been eligible for an update to 4.3, if not 4.4.  So, that combined with MetroPCS having 4.4 gives me hope for my SGL

I wonder if anyone has any OCD friends that can start letter writing campaigns to Samsung and T-Mobile? 😀  Kinda like that Fan Mail episode of I Love Lucy when Lucy Ethel and Fred do the letter writing campaign in Hollywood 😀

The question is where the hold up is. So google sends the vendor Samsung Kitkat code, Samsung incorporates code and send it to the carriers, who then send it out. Is the hold up at Samsung or Tmobile?


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In this case, since there's an update to MetroPCS out there, the only explanation that can be made is T-Mobile is the hold up.  It could be partly with Samsung as well.  I don't know what features are T-Mobile specific that would be added into the ROM that may not be in the MetroPCS ROM.

That's exactly what I was looking for in this forum. If an employee can sound off with specifics, that'd be great.

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as I said in Re: When will the T399 receive KitKat?

T-Mobile doesn't pre-announce a time frame for any software updates for devices.   Watch the Software versions & updates: Samsung Galaxy Light document for updates when they're released.

So just got this t mobile samsung galaxy light t399 yesterday for 79.20 and i already installed twrp recovery, rooted it and now all i need to do is flash this 4.4.2 kitkat metro pcs modified rom and it will be perfect. If anyone has same phone and wants to do same i can post or send info. #androidaddict #androidhacking #gotroot #androidlover

I have galaxy light also.  Got it at for 100 dollars free shipping.  I baught a yoo activity tracker from walgreens for 20 bucks.  Had to return it because they require 4.3 and I only have 4.2.2.  We should at least get 4.3 if not 4.4.

And how I read a lot of articles over the summer saying it will get kitkat.  But surprisingly still no kitkat.

However this caught my attention.  It says directly on Samsung website it has Kitkat 4.4.  Look here.

Samsung Galaxy Light ™ (T-Mobile)

Look about half way down under Specifications, OS, it says Android kitkat.

Odd and it says tmobile.  So they list it as having kitkat.

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and higher than that it says:

Home screen sweet home screen

Make your home screen truly yours. With Android™️ 4.2.2, Jelly Bean, you have the freedom to customize a home screen and widgets to access the content you want and when you want it. With the Google Play™️ Store, you have over 1,000,000 apps and thousands of games, movies, books, magazines and music. You might never want to leave your home screen again.

So, Samsung's specs are contradictory.

I don't think you'll get arguments from users that say it shouldn't be updated.  What needs to happen is someone needs to take the initiative to get T-Mobile to respond.  If only there was a change org site that someone could create like a petition to have something impactful happen and get a response if enough people wanted it.  Of course, it would require whoever decided to create it to spread the word to get signatures, and that's the effort side that I'm not willing to do... ok, I'm not willing to create it either because I hear myself talk enough in my regular day job 😊

Version T399NUVUANK3 for SGH-T399N is available from

Looks legit, but I'm not sure because I'm not familiar with that website.  You will need to register on the site before you can download the file. If you pick the free membership option, the file will take a couple of hours to download..

Anyone care to be the guinea pig for this ROM?  I'm still trying to figure out the instructions for flashing the phone.

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If I didn't have to create an account to get it, I'd almost ponder it.

I tried it. Need a preconfigured modem.bin to flash on top with Odin that has T-Mobile's APN. Otherwise, it was working flawlessly.

Also, I no longer have the Light. I moved to the Avant because, well, T-Mobile was lagging.

Can the modem.bin file be downloaded from anywhere? I saw a couple of comments regarding the modem file on XDAdevelopers, but I wasn't sure exactly what they meant.

Well I rooted and flashed twrp recovery on my galaxy light t399 and then I flashed this 4.4.2 kk metro pcs rom. update GOOGLE PLAY STORE FIXED<<ROM>>>>> samsung galaxy light t399n metro pcs stock kitkat 4.4.2 | Android Forums it is modified,  reeked and devoted. Works really nice. Only thing is sim card would not read until flashed this modem radio.

[Q&A] [rom][Galaxy Light T399][ANG6] Lig… - Pg. 3 | Android Development and Hacking | XDA Forums radio modem is in this post @phl u flash it with twrp recovery I dont know if u can extract and use Odin or Kies to flash. But if u wanted to use that k3 4.4.2 kk rom I think u could flash it with Odin and then flash twrp recovery to flash radio modem zip file?  Well I'll help however I can thanks.  Ron

No, that modem.bin will not work. You need the updated one for K3.

@phl‌ t399 is Tmo version & t399n is metro pcs version.

Well I wonder what is better or different with k3 rom then and also maybe someone can make a system dump of radio modem? But guess I won't be trying that rom if modem not gonna work for Tmo? @phl

Once someone creates a modem.bin for K3, it will work for T-Mo. The one that's in the XDA thread is for H1.

But what is difference between k3 and h1 roms? Is k3 that much different than h1 rom?

I don't know what is different. However, the H1 modem didn't work on the K3 when I had tried it.