When will the Tab s7 5g get a security update passed October?

  • 28 December 2020
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Its almost January of 2021 why is the Samsung Tab s7 5g still on October Security update?

3 replies

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I’m guessing most have not noticed that most manufacturers with the exception of Google, have unofficially moved to quarterly updates.  Obviously the newest devices are still an exception as bug fixes roll out more regularly.  Everything else though, seems to be quarterly at best currently.  

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Thanks for the answer . The main problem  im having  with this is that the last or latest update broke the network stuff on this tab. The only way I can send text messages  if I set it to 3g only and even then thats not a good fix. It doesn't text at all on 5g. So right now I have a 5g tablet that doesn't text when on 5g. I've also have to play with the network  operator setting. Make it unregister and then re-register. Also would be nice if they turned back on the phone feature like on the tab s6

Hopefully the update to Android 11 that's in development resolves the green tint experienced when brightness is below 38%. There was a workaround to fix sms via entering service mode and switching bands to all but 5G then to all hardware supported bands. However that update also broke sd card detection for some on Tab S7+ (myself including) so needless to say they need to make sure next update actually has what their users want and not add useless stuff while breaking important features. If that means it takes an extra month so be it.


I figured since Germany got their update early December we'll probably be looking at mid January early February for ours.