Where is the tab s6 security patches?

  • 28 June 2020
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I found this comment on a recent post and this guy couldn't have said it any better. T-Mobile you are behind on  4 "CRITICAL" security patches. I don't feel like my data is safe anymore and I will not login to my google accounts on the tablet anymore. Is there a way I can return this useless tablet? Are they not voiding the contract by not releasing security patches? How is this not a problem?

Here is the person's comments on this issue...

T-Mobile take us seriously.

You are failing us on security by not updating the Tab S6.
You are failing us on product features that everyone else in the world with a Tab S6 has, but not us.

The last update was from February 2020.
We are missing:
and we are about to be missing July if this keeps up

Notice each of those months have “CRITICAL” security updates.
I feel we(the customers that bought the Tab S6) should all complain about the security and return our devices if they refuse to even answer us about it as they have for 4 months now regarding security updates and 2 months concerning Android 10.

6 replies

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This is one reason why the only tablet I ever bought was a google branded one.


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I noticed on the tmobile update page that we are getting it now? Might want to double check too. 

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So… We all made a big deal about it on this forum over the last 5 days and it suddenly drops… Strange coincidence? If it were this close to dropping, why couldn’t T-Mobile have at least said so in at least one of the multiple threads on this topic?


I got mine this morning, glad to finally get it. Couldn’t help but laugh at the “Your security is very important to us” message in the update. Only important to you if a chorus of your customers constantly reminds you that our $750 device is 4, almost 5 months behind on security updates.

Never again.

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Finally the updates are here, it took a while and we had to blow up the forums, but we got it.


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Right. We all were blowing up the forum so funny. I was actually telling my younger brother how we all banded together to get some focus on this issue.