Why and when will Galaxy tab s6 will receive it last update(android 12) with t mobile

  • 27 April 2022
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The galaxy tab s6 tablet android 12 has roll out already on wifi models and 4 days ago, verizon lte models got their update to android 12, I ask that t mobile get with samsung and google and update the tablet as how it suppose to be able to update, this is the last big update by samsung this tablet is having and t mobile did not even post it at scheduled much less in testing, I choose t mobile as my carrier with my family plan, I choose to buy this tablet with you why wifi models and other carriers are getting updates to android 12 on this tablet(tab s6) and t mobile not? this must be change because it anticonsumer when a carrier denies or for wte reason dont provide a update to a equipment that the OS and Manufacturer are providing to it.

1 reply

I've been waiting for it as well! Getting a data line connection now doesn't feel like a luxury or bonus. T Mobile carries premium devices like this, but I feel the support for updating these devices can be sluggish. Maybe it's my update that is being throttled?


I am that Ivan


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