Why can't t-Mobile updates keep app setting and not break them.


Every time I get the forced updates it resets all of my app permissions and has broken my DEXCOM app to the point that I have to factory reset my phone to fix it which take hours to reset up all of apps.  Please stop pushing these patches that act more like a virus than protection from them.  I depend on my Dexcom app to monitor my glucose level and having to spend 4 -6 reloading my phone is ridiculous.  I know the people developing these patches do care how they affect people because they don’t need to deal with aftermath. 

So hopefully some T-Mobile Executive reads this and fixes the software development department and gets them to development patches that do not make the end user miserable.


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what phone are you using i ask because i had no problens with my app when they send updates

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I'm running Android 13 beta with no app problems which I should have running a beta version.

The only issue I have is with wireless charging. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't.

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usually if a problem pops up after an update with certain apps its usually an issue with compatibility between the new update and the app itself not being up to snuff to match said update..which would be on the devs of said apps.


i cant even remember the last time i did any update on my phone that affected any of my apps.


are you by chance running a custom rom or anything other than stock on your phone? now THAT could cause issues