Why did the T-Mobile variant of the Samsung a10e get basically no updates?

  • 25 May 2023
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The last update from T-Mobile was:
SM-A102U     USA (T-Mobile)     2022-04-08     Android    9 (got from a firmware site, but matches what I have installed)


Both AT&T and Verizon among others still put out a security update from last month on Android 11!  (Now they are only at maybe updates every 3-6 months but it’s much better then getting none!)


I’ve considered just trying to install the AT&T version on my device but really why can’t T-Mobile just push the Samsung update?  (And yes I know it’s not the newest phone, but it does everything I need and I just want security updates - it’s also the right size for me, which apparently is a premium product these days)





1 reply

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If a phone isn't a flagship model and it lacks sales on a carrier that carrier may think it's not worth pushing an update. I don't know how many a10e phones were sold on Tmobile but if the sales were slow that would be the reason.