Why does the Nexus 6 not have Marshmallow yet when the other Nexus devices (some of which came out before the Nexus 6) already have Android M?

Where is Android M for Nexus 6?


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It doesn't roll out all at once... it's a staggered roll out. Relax you'll get it. If you don't want to wait you can side load the update or flash the factory image.

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It doesn't roll out all at once... it's a staggered roll out. Relax you'll get it. If you don't want to wait you can side load the update or flash the factory image.

That is all well and good but the fact remains that a newer device is taking longer to get the update than an older device. (Nexus 6 vs Nexus 5). I also have absolutely no interest in flashing the update and having to write the data in my phone. Furthermore, telling me to adb sideload the update is difficult since no site has the zip link. Finally, there is some confusion about what the hell is going on since T-Mobile's Nexus 6 update site says you need LYZ28K to get Android M update, but there are zip files for LYZ28M from LYZ28K specifically for Nexus 6 T-Mobile and a zip for LMY48T from LMY48M. To add to the confusion, the place holder for the Android M zip says MRA58K from LMY48T- Link incoming.

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That's how they do it. Would you complain if they pushed out the update quickly and your device bricks because of a potential problem. This is why they do small batches then open the flood gates. Easier to replace 100 devices than replace millions of devices.

I agree with you emperorpil. Tidbits if you don't know people buy nexus phones or tablets to get the latest version of Android when it's release. Telling someone that they are complaining is low. Emperorpil is pointing out facts. Nexus 5 and nexus 7 has marshmallow while the nexus 6 on t mobile is sitting on the sideline. No report why or when to expect the release. Tidbits you telling me that their a problem with the factory image that Google release is bad? When people who didn't purchase their nexus 6 from t mobile already has marshmallow. 

Repeating the same thing accomplishes nothing.  Let me spell it out if I have not been clear.  I understand that the rollout is staggered.  That is not what my issue is with.  I take issue with the fact that the rollout has already begun and is indeed very far along regarding the Nexus 5, but it has not even started with regards to the Nexus 6.  Let me state that again. Has not even STARTED.  No site has the zip.  It is not to be found anywhere yet.  My second issue is that they decide to issue small security patches at the same time that they releasing a major system update.  What the hell sense does that make?  Furthermore there is complete confusion because there are three (count them) different security patches for Nexus 6 on T-Mobile, Project Fi, and other.  Then T-Mobile (seemingly has no clue about the security updates) states on the Nexus 6 update page that you need to on the version before the security update (LYZ28K), while with the security update I am on LYZ28M.  What gives?

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Look even Google will tell you what I just told you...  So bring it up with them not me. It has always been this way and I have owned every Nexus since the Nexus One paid in cash without a contract or payment plan. Even gotten. This year versions. So spare me I don't know know what I am talking about speech.

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Just because no site has a zip doesn't mean  it isn't rolling out. It just means people who are into their devices hasn't gotten it yet. There are more than just techies who bought these phones.

Two things. One, T-Mobile said it would be out this week and this week is almost over. Second, are you seriously telling me that not one single tech person got the update (if it really has already started rolling out). Not. A. Single. One. I don't buy that. T-Mobile's own site says it is still "testing" it. This is a Nexus device. I think Google is capable of making software that is compatible and relatively bug free for over if it's flagship devices. In fact, I'm more concerned that T-Mobile's meddling with the software in their "testing" is going to lead to problems in the software.  Finally, I don't think you read what I post, because you keep harping about staggered rollouts, this is how Google does it, etc.  Let me state clearly that I have no problem with that and understand it's purpose. My issue is with the fact that there are October security updates that Google requires to be installed for each version of the Nexus 6 (T-Mobile, Project Fi, standard) prior to being greenlit for Android 6.0. T-mobile's software information page says the Nexus 6 is on Marshmallow (which is not true because the rollout has not begun) but than its software update page says that it is in testing and neglects to mention the necessity of these individual October security updates. Basically, my biggest criticism is that this update process is muddled, incoherent, and an all around mess.

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Yes it has happened before... Google will even tell you themselves. They implement the exact same rollout routine.

You think the techie community is that large that goes to tech sites on a daily basis? We are a small subset of users. Out of the people I know with Nexus 6 the only people I know that even knows anything about rooting is 3 including myself. The other 15 (yes I counted and verified if they had just for this) doesn't even have a clue what rooting is let alone marshmallow is coming. I have them on watch when it pops up on their phone to not do it so I can get the link and the zip file which I will post on XDA if someone hasn't.

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cashhh30 wrote:

Nexus 5 and nexus 7 has marshmallow 

My Nexus 7 hasn't updated to Marshmallow yet...

Based on your logic that means I can say the OTA isn't happening because I don't have it 😊

No that is not what I'm saying. I know for sure the rollout for nexus 7 has

begun because the ota link is available. The fact your nexus 7 doesn't have

the update yet just means that your device is not part of the staggered

rollout. You may be right that the rollout has begun for nexus 6, (albeit

very slowly) but I don't think so given that not a single site had the ota

and a T-Mobile official told me that the rollout has not started because of

an unforeseen delay.

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Same thing happened with the Nexus 5. Happened with the Nexus 4. Shoot even the security update that was rolling out took over a week before it was even on XDA or any site for that matter. Go look at the dates when those threads were made or modified. You'll see it took a while for someone to get the link or zip. There were plenty you of people claimed to have gotten it before that time.

How do you mark a comment as helpful?  When I click the down arrow next to actions I am only given the option to report abuse.

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Here's something you should ponder.  It isn't coming from T-Mobile.  The update is coming directly from Googles own servers.

So you may think T-Mobile is withholding or delaying the update is farthest from the truth.

If you need proof you should look at the XDA thread about all the updates coming to all Nexus 6 devices. 

[ref] Nexus 6 Stock OTA URLs | Nexus 6 | XDA Forums

They all start with a Google server address.  T-Mobile has no control over those servers.  The updates are rolling out, but they are not rolling out to your liking.  If you want to reference those servers with previous Nexus devices you can double back with older versions of the Nexus dating back to the Nexus S(Nexus One used a different server IIRC was still a GoogleXXX.something).  Been a long time.

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No idea honestly. Generally there is a marketing as helpful button. It there for some and not for others. I believe you can only mark 2 per thread (OP Only).  One of those kinks the new software needs work on. Generally I complain to one of the t-mobile reps about it.

If you have the know how to do it yourself, the factory image has been available for a while.


Supposedly, all versions of the Nexus 6 use the same build, T-Mobile, Project Fi, and others... Hence only one download link. http://

If you need your hand held, visit http:// and use their tool. It still requires some tech know how, but you don't need to worry about command prompt level stuff. Be sure to read the comments before you start this as the current version of their software may not do everything you may want. I have used their software to perform clean installs of 5.1 and 5.1.1 multiple times. I recommend against rooting your device as that will make it ineligible for future OTA updates. So unless you need something specific that only root access provides, steer clear.

Word of caution, doing this will reset your phone to a factory fresh state. All your installed apps, text messages, pictures will be gone. It's essentially performing a format on the device and doing a clean install.

The fact that you are looking for a zip file leads me to believe you are used to using a custom recovery like ClockworkMod, and haven't done a factory install before. That isn't necessary for Nexus devices, since the images are provided directly from Google, and can be installed with nothing more than the Android SDK, again, provided by Google.

The OTA rollout is done in stages, which has been stated. My Nexus 5 I bought directly from the Google Play store didn't get 5.0 for almost 3 weeks after release. If you need it NOW, you need to flash it yourself.

If Google is holding it up, then why does it say it is in T-Mobile testing. Google created a unified build for the Nexus 6. As usual the carriers are holding things up.

I'm looking for the ota zip because it is easier. I have my phone the way I like it and would prefer not to have to wipe the device. Actually, I am quite familiar with flashing factory images on both Nexus and non-Nexus devices. I appreciate you providing the guide though. Although I would prefer not to have to go the factory image route, this ota delay and lack of communication is annoying. T-Mobile's update page makes no mention of the October security updates. It also flashes across the screen that Marshmallow is now available, but it is still stuck at T-Mobile testing.

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Look man it is on google servers and is being pushed out. Just not at the pace you want. Just look at those update URL. It's there but no one knows what it is. If Google servers are not pinging the devices well it isn't. T-Mobile already gave the OK and so the rest is up to Google. Google isn't going to push it out all at once like I said before. T-Mobile isn't the hold up.

I understand its on the Google servers. But why does the T-Mobile update site day it is still undergoing T-Mobile testing. It is my understanding that with the Nexus 6 updates, Google creates an update and then waits for carrier approval.   Why do you seem so intent on making like to T-Mobile can do no wrong. Nothing is their fault.  It is clear the carriers have too much control regarding updates, although it is better with nexus devices then with others. That is on Google for not putting their foot down. Clearly you and I are not going to see eye to eye on this. I say we agree to disagree. I respect that you have a different opinion from me and that it is not an entirely unreasonable one.

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One can say why are you so adamant that Google can't do no wrong.  So I will let you go thinking what you want. Since it's homogenized now you might as well use the image and do a clean install. I would if it bothered me this much to wait a little while.

It just isn't being fully rolled out via ota. I have a nexus 6 that is on project fi, Google's cell service. That device still hasn't received the ota either. Just be patient.

I just chose to sideload it, I never wait for T-Mobile to release it, and yes in case your wondering my wifi calling still works, however keep in mind if you do sideload you may want to make sure everything you want to save has been saved otherwise once you unlock the device it will wipe the phone and it is required to sideload, it is very easy though only took me 15 minutes to download the software, install the drivers and do the install.

PS dont restore the phone the first time when it turns on the device is still unlocked and you need to lock it back down when your done so everything is encrypted

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I'm over here What is the expected time frame for Nexus 6 Marshmallow OTA? updating the thread with what I know! 😊 I just wanted to give a heads up to anyone who may be viewing this here!

Expect to see more from me soon!


No one doubts that Nexus software updates are on Google's servers. But just because it's on Google servers doesn't mean T-Mobile has no say over whether phones with its SIM cards will get it. The reason T-Mobile phones aren't getting it (i.e. it is actually not rolling out to phones with T-Mobile SIM cards) is because T-Mobile is not done approving Google's build. When it is, then Google will be allowed to roll out their updates to the T-Mo phones, which I suspect is because T-Mobile wants to make sure VoLTE works. The frustration is that it's taking too long.