why isnt anyone receiving my texts?

  • 6 January 2016
  • 3 replies

Im able to send a text but no one is getting it. Iam receiving text no problem please help.

3 replies

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Wow @gspires that's a little weird no one's getting your messages. I do have a few questions to help better provide some guidance. Is this happening with numbers from a specific cell phone carrier? (Like just from Sprint) The reason I ask is because we may need to have them get involved in checking on this. Is it just your messages that aren't being received? I'm just curious as to if the friends you're sending to are having this same thing happen with messages from other folks.

on my daughter phone she can get my message and its metro pc which is

powered by Tmobile but all the other aint getting my messages and they say

theirs if fine .

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Hmm, okay, thanks for the extra info. We're at the point where we're going to need to have you Community-2153 and speak with Tech Support or message our T-Force team via the Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ links below. When you get in touch with them, you can have them reference DOC-5755. It has some steps they'll be able to follow to help with this further.

They'll most likely file a Trouble Ticket so we can have engineers investigate this on our end. It'll also help if you can give them some examples of times, dates, and phone numbers you had this happen with. If the other numbers aren't T-Mobile or Metro, it still wouldn't hurt to get their carriers involved too. That way, both carriers can kind of tag team this.