Why won't the "T-mobile update service" notification go away

  • 11 November 2015
  • 8 replies

Why won' this notification go away after the update has been performed.  3 times now.

8 replies

Same problem.  Since upgrading to Lollipop this morning this notification has been on there saying there is a system update.  But when I click on it, it doesn't do anything. I have wiped cache partition.  That didn't help.

This resolved itself after doing another update.  It seems like this upgrade took 4 separate upgrades if that makes sense.  After the fourth, this notification went away and has stayed away.

Performance of the phone is noticeably reduced since the upgrade, however.  Lags a lot.  I'm pretty irritated by it.  I had a nice phone that I enjoyed very much and paid a lot of money for, and haven't even had it a year yet.  Now I have a mediocre one. 

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Hey there Scott!

Just checking in to see if your notification went away after the update. @bobfarvour‌ we'd like you to be a lot happier with your phone for sure. Have you already checked some of the settings in our Device keeps crashing, freezing, or restarting page? Did you notice the issue right after the update?

Yes, I did notice it right after the update.

It has improved, but does not perform like it did before the update.

Restarting the phone every day helps.

The biggest issue is in several different apps, usually while scrolling, it just randomly stops or freezes up.

I've noticed it the most in the Facebook app, Flipboard and the Amazon Prime Music app.  And it pretty much always happens while scrolling.

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Thanks for the update. For these apps, have you already tried clearing the data, cache, uninstalling and reinstalling?

Sorry to hear @bobfarvour‌, this is why I don't do updates like these. And look how quickly they're going to tell you to get a new phone, sigh.

I'm having the same issue.  I've performed 2 updates after getting my s10+ and it's still stuck on "connecting to server"

Same problem here with my brand-new Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

I've installed the update 3 times and the notification pops up again "Update postponed."

IS THERE A SOLUTION FOR THIS? If so, I don't see it in the previous posts.