• 17 April 2022
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??? connect to wifi

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with….what? phone? tablet? home wifi? someone elses wifi?

Badge apologies fireguy_6364...what I was thinking did not as I was asking...for a basic course, WiFi 101. As a novice of the smartphone/5G world, it takes a bit of learning...good luck to me...query appreciated...

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did you figure it out or are you needing assistance still?

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Tap Settings. (Looks like a gear.)

WiFi & Network (At the top of the page)

Should have a line that says “WiFi”

Badge forward, to the IP is sending a tech person to my home in the a.m...the problem seems to be the new modem/router I has been quite a journey since entering the smartphone realm...patience is critical...

I have accidentally erased part of my Wi-Fi password. How can I recover it?