Will a new phone work with old sim card?

  • 23 March 2023
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Hello all, I am getting a brand-new Moto Edge 2022 model phone. I brought it unlocked from Amazon as it was on sale for $350 and was wondering and hoping it would work with my current phone sim card. I currently have an LG V30 phone with a T-Mobile sim card and since this phone is going on four years, I wanted to get me a new phone, but T-Mobile did not have any that I found appealing. I am hoping I could simply just take out the sim card and put it in the Moto Edge phone and that is all that I would have to do to get it to work. Thanks. 


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3 replies

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Yes.  You can rove,your SIM from your old device and put it in the new one you bought.  Whether or not it work...  Ultimately depends on if the device has the bands it needs to work on the T-Mobile network and if it supports the T-Mobile (stock Android) version of VoLTE.  


Thanks for the reply. I hope it does work with T-Mobile as it is stated on the manufacturer’s website that it was fully compatible with T-Mobile. My other thing is that the sim card is not 5G but the phone is though I do not care for having 5G so I hope that will not be a problem. 

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it shoulndt be an issue but you still might opt to upgrade to the 5G sim card anyways. you can manually turn 5G off and stick to 4G but if 5G is for whatever reason needed then you have that option of turning it back on.