Will the LG G8X be on T-Mobile?

  • 23 October 2019
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So the LG G8X price was unveiled today, and the deals already look really good from other phone carriers. But from what I've seen, it will only be available via ATT, Sprint, and Unlocked via Amazon. If this is true, it's gonna be a bummer that T-Mobile won't be carrying an LG fall 2019 flagship as they have been every year until now. My plan includes jump and I really want to get that phone when it comes out, but will probably be unable to if it's not going to be carried by T-Mobile. If any of you reading this are T-Mobile reps, may I request that you guys carry this phone, thanks in advance.


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So, slight update, I got into contact with an LG representative, and TLDR they just said T-Mobile has not spoken to them about wanting to carry the LG G8X. Sad days

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17 replies

So, slight update, I got into contact with an LG representative, and TLDR they just said T-Mobile has not spoken to them about wanting to carry the LG G8X. Sad days

Shame I've been interested in this phone as well.

It looks like it will not work on the 5G band n260 and n261.  Also I looks like it will not work on the 600mhz band 71.  That is according to LG's website.  So it will not work on their better Networks 😥

Same here.  I really would like to purchase this phone.

Eh, this was to be expected. LG stated that their G series would be 4G/LTE, and the V series would be 5G. Especially since T-mobile's 5G network isn't completely ready it makes sense that they won't release a 5G variant like the V50 on Verizon and Sprint, but for T-Mobile to not even carry the G8X for its regular LTE network, a shame.

I'm holding off on updating unless this thing comes out on T mobile. Nothing else is interesting at all this year.

I believe the unlocked variant will still work on T-Mobile's LTE network, based on BH photo video preorder page. The phone is supposedly also going to be on sale unlocked on Amazon.

Of course it does. Everyone has known that AT&T and T-Mobile use the same global bands.

The phone working unlocked isn't what anyone here means by "I hope this phone comes to T-Mobile"

I want them to carry the phone so I can go about paying $30 a month for it.

Ah, I see. Welp, the best we're gonna get is amazon's payment plan of $140 a month for 5 months.

Will someone please post a link here when the phone is available on either T-Mobile,, or It was announced to be available in November but I have not seen it anywhere unlocked or on T-Mobile.

AFAIK, T-Mobile will not be carrying the LG G8X, LG's own website is more or less just info and not really to purchase stuff, and I don't believe Amazon has it listed up yet either for sale or pre-order (i might update this later).

As of right now, there's a pre-order page up on bhphoto that's set to open on Nov 12. Link: LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen 128GB Smartphone LMG850QM7X.AUSABK B&H

You might be right... Does that include the case?

I have the unlocked variant of the G8X (Not the AT&T unlocked version). Same one that will be offered by B&H and Amazon. The phone gets the much needed bands for Volte and I also get Wifi Calling out the box. Haven't had time to poke around with the bootloader.

Thanks for the info @cb620​ I'll probably pre-order it tomorrow


I'm really not happy T-Mobile is not offering this phone.

I have been looking forward to getting LG G8X and I am extremely disappointed that t-mobile is not gonna offer this.
I really hope t-mobile management reconsider carrying this phone.

I've been with T-Mobile for almost 7 years and I've seen a huge shift over the years in the product line up. T-Mobile use to carry a wide variety of devices to suit the needs of just about anyone looking to switch from other companies. Recently they've been slimming down their product line to mainly Samsung and Apple products like most other carriers. I'm guessing this is due to their "uncarrier" marketing plan being so successful and now switching gears and focusing on infrastructure instead of winning people over by being unique. T-Mobile had a good run but I think it's not "unique" anymore to were you really feel catered to anymore. LG use to make up a huge part of their smartphone line up each year and that is slowly becoming non existent. I've had an LG phone since the G3 came out. LG makes phones that just work plan and simple. Nothing flashy or gimmicky. I'll never purchase an apple or Samsung phone so if T-Mobile can't support LG then I will switch carriers to one that will continue to support LG and provide me with their newest products. Not everyone wants a Samsung or Apple product and everytime I go on T-Mobile's site I get blasted with Apple ads. It truly is distasteful IMO.

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