Will the Motorola X Pure device work with T-Mobile and WiFi Calling?

  • 18 September 2015
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Will the Pending Motorola X Pure device work with T-Mobile 4G network and WiFi Calling?

Wired Magazine Review of Moto X Pure

Review: Moto X Pure Edition | WIRED




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The article says "It works on every carrier in the US"

As for WiFi Calling -- that's an unknown -- the only official "Vanilla Android" device that has been confirmed to support T-Mobile's WiFi Calling has been the Nexus 6.  The hopes is since it's baked in future devices will be able to do it, but there's no insight on that yet (It wasn't pushed down to the Nexus 5 when it became available earlier this year).

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24 replies

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The article says "It works on every carrier in the US"

As for WiFi Calling -- that's an unknown -- the only official "Vanilla Android" device that has been confirmed to support T-Mobile's WiFi Calling has been the Nexus 6.  The hopes is since it's baked in future devices will be able to do it, but there's no insight on that yet (It wasn't pushed down to the Nexus 5 when it became available earlier this year).

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I am going to assume no. Regardless the Nexus 6 is unlocked and unbranded there is still an agreement with T-Mobile. So unless Motorola made the same agreement you will not find it. There isn't even a hint of rumor about it unlock the Nexus 6 did.

Also on the base version of the nexus software Wi-Fi calling didn't work with Wi-Fi calling. You need to flash the T-Mobile specific version of software for it to work.

Where do I find T-Mobile specific software if I want to use the Nexus 6 or an unbranded Android Samsung Galaxy 5? 

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Nexus 6 - Factory Images for Nexus Devices  |  Nexus Files for Developers  |  Google Developers - use at your own risk when trying to flash the OS.

Samsung Galaxy S5 doesn't have T-Mobile specific software without buying the T-Mobile version.

What about the tether features? ? Does that require tmobile software ?


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Tethering no it doesn't. However thru can track your usage either easy

Thought tmobile unlimited plan came with 7g of wif I Hotspot ( tether )

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Yes but you don't need tmobile software to use tethering. They can track your usage without using their software.

I just ordered this phone via Amazon wear house deals. I read aND watched every review. I would love to find someone using the tmobilenetwork with the phone. That seems to be rare. I am leaving verizon when my cycle ends. Look forward to joining tmobile. .

I've had this phone for 2 months.  It works fine with TMob LTE network, plug the SIM card in and go.  Called TMob tech support about wireless calling on Moto X - Moto X will NOT switch from network to wireless calling and does not have any control option in "settings" which even gives you an option for wireless calling (unlike phones which are sold through TMob).  Coming off a Galaxy Note 2 phone vended by TMob, which had such a setting and made calls over my wireless network, but also had megatons of fixed TMob and Samsung bloatware, as do all TMob phones.  Wifi calling matters to me, since my home TMob reception is lousy (in Seattle!) but home wifi is raging.

After two months, I'm not that nuts about Moto X phone.  Still not updated to MM 6.0 from installed LP 5.1.1.  Buy a Nexus 6.

You can get Marshmallow now without waiting for T-Mobile.  Power off, pull out the SIM card, start up, and check for updates on WiFi.  When it's done, power off and put the SIM card back in.  You can also follow instructions to manually download and install, but the Konami Code for Moto's installer might take a few tries.

This will enable LTE band 12 and VoLTE.  There's still no WiFi calling.

I love this phone and recommend it to any one that reads this post after me.. i use google hangouts and for WIFI caling i loaded google hangouts dial-er and make wifi calls ( if needed that way) i pulled my SIM rebooted and took MM as you recommend.  my question is this i noted that the enhanced calling was already enabled i also noted that when i make calls now i still get LTE. i loaded an app that told me what bands i am getting but it only told me Band4.  how do i know if am getting band 12?  is the enhanced calling the sign?


I’ve been anxiously awaiting news about when my Motorola Moto X Pure Edition (2015) will be receiving the official Android 6.0 Marshmallow upgrade through T-Mobile.  As you are aware, the identical phones have received their Marshmallow upgrades on the Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and US Cellular networks at least a week ago.  There is an unofficial SIM pull workaround that I’d prefer not using.

Is there a T-Mobile testing or certification holdup (Band 12 or Wi-Fi calling)?  If so, can you provide a timeline for resolution?

My Moto X daily driver phone is sorely in need of certain of the Marshmallow features that I love on my Nexus 7 tablet that’s now running 6.0.1.

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Motorola Pure Edition does not get any update from T-Mobile they are from Motorola and no one else. Even the 2013, and 2014 Pure editions are the same. You need to bring it up with Motorola.

The Marshmallow update appears to be different, and dependent upon T-Mobile's approval to operate on their network.  Motorola has been hush hush about it so far regarding WHY all of the other USA carriers, except T-Mobile, allowed the update.

My updates to KitKat and Lollipop on 1st and 2nd generation Moto X phones arrived with no delay.  That was before Band 12 and Wi-Fi calling entered the equation recently.

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Here's a read: T-Mobile and band 12 support in unlocked smartphones put in the spotlight » TmoNews

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Like I said that's up to Motorola. It's theirs and they could push it out if they want to. Just like the 13 and 14 which I own. Motorola could push out the update... Now if they want band 12 with VoLTE support then it requires testing, but it doesn't stop Motorola from pushing out the update first then do the testing afterwards and send out an update with it.

Thanks.  That link led me here, where things are still a bit unclear.

VoLTE + B12 support for T-Mobile? . All Discussions (769) . Moto X Pure / Moto X Style . Forum . Motorola Owners' Forum

My wife is still on the 1st Generation 2013.  Mine suffered a drowning when I went into a pool with it in my pocket.  Bought a 2nd Generation 2014 replacement last summer.  It hit a concrete floor in November.  Didn't want to pay for a $150 screen repair so I bought the 3rd Generation 2015.

I declined the 2014 MM soak participation since I was no longer using the phone.  Still no info on the 2015 testing, etc.

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Like I said it's up to Motorola on how they want to do it.  They COULD have just push the update without the Band12 and such testing and then do the testing and release a patch when it is completed.  They chose to not do it that way.  T-Mobile has no say on how Motorola chooses to do things on unlocked and unbranded devices.

Motorola has regional ROMs but not carrier-specific ROMs.  Pulling out the SIM card (or using another carrier's SIM) installs the official software so there's no risk of ending up with an unsupported configuration.  The upgrade block is just T-Mo being your typical US phone carrier.

I haven't seen LTE Band 12 active yet but VoLTE is there.  The only significant bug I'm encountering is that an incoming call in DO NOT DISTURB mode sets the media volume very high.  The Moto software has been moved to an app that doesn't seem to work, but I don't use it anyways.  No T-Mo problems.

Interesting Kevin, in that I've read some users' comments elsewhere that indicate that those who performed the "remove and reinstall SIM" update, and lived or worked in areas with active Band 12, have definitely seen LTE Band 12 on their phones using LTE Discovery - Android Apps on Google Play.

I'm still reticent to do the "remove and reinstall SIM" update and will probably wait until the official OTA update comes to T-Mobile subscribers (via Motorola).... just in case.