Wireless Charging

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I haven't been able to find anything from LG nor T-Mobile about this.


Wireless charging.  Does the G3 have it?

No - Ok thx

Yes -Next question


Which wireless charging format does it support?

Qi or PMA

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My wife is interested in picking up this phone.  She actually has a few more questions

Will this device support LG Home themes?  She has a G2 and it does, and she has a theme she likes to use.

Will  you guys be carrying the quick circle window case, and what colors if yes?


From what I can find on the internet... In THEORY the G3 should have wireless charging capabilities.

It will charge using the Qi format, however the video link I'll list below mentions that in the U.S. one will need an official LG Circle's case for the charging. I've only seen the circle's case listed at Verizon though. (Here is the video link if the embed doesn't work: LG G3 Wireless Charger (WCD-100) hands-on - YouTube)


You know I have NO dog in this hunt. But my sister just bought the G3 a few days ago. I didn't know what the Circle's case was about until I went a hunting....

Another video:


It kind of reminds me of the Dot View case that the HTC One (M8) has. Pricey, does some cool tricks but overall it wouldn't be something I would invest in. The only advantage the official case has it the charging but $60? Ouch. I'm an M8 person myself but I like to read up on stuff especially if family members suddenly want the new and shiny. 😊

Link for the case: http://amzn.com/B00LTM4S1K

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I am aware of those videos, HOWEVER.  AT&T version uses PMA and not Qi.  There are reports of certain international versions not using Qi either.  So I wanted confirmation from LG or T-Mobile saying exactly what format.  Without the accessories(which are not sold by T-Mobile currently).

edit: Also the pin placement are different from Korean models to Euro to US models.  The Euro and US models are the same.  Don't know about asia markets other than Korea and the placement is different.

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I paid the bucks for the Dot View case for my M8 😊

I love the dot matrix view(yes I am past my expiration date).  Reminds me of my old dot matrix printers!

Do you still use the case? I will admit the dot matrix part of it does look fun, but I suspect I would use it for a month then stick it in a drawer and forget out it. LOL! I did with the wrap case I had for my Galaxy S3. (Although that one I might have used for a solid week before it got banished to the junk drawer. 😊

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Ever since i bought it i still use it. They added wallpapers and last 3 dialed to it which was a nice addition. I will take some photos in a second if you like to see it.

Wish manufacturers weren't so cryptic about their accessories. They announce them but release them days months even a year later(Note 2 accessories for example. Some didn't come until a year later)

I'd love to see a picture. 😀 I am with you about cryptic information about the accessories. Although to be fair on the wireless charging stuff, I'm not surprised that AT&T had to be different. Just with the M8 T-Mobile didn't offer free Beats headphones until weeks after folks pulled the trigger on getting the M8. (I would do an eyeroll emoji but there doesn't seem to be one.

I am really loving the M8 like crazy and when I saw my sister's G3 all I could think was, 'wow this is really plastic looking. More so than Samsung' and despite the fact the the specs are slightly higher on the LG phone I feel no envy or regret.

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The number scroll and when someone calls the name scrolls right to left.



Thanks for the pics. That's still kind of cool. You better watch it, or you'll have me getting one of those! 😈

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The only time I open the flip is when I want to use an app or blinkfeed currently.

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An LG rep wanted me to facepalm myself multiple times....

Especially when she said, "You need to check with the manufacturer to see if it will work..."

I called LG which manufactures phone, back plate, and ironically the wireless charging pad I own.  All I want to know if it supports it and what standard if it does.  I don't mind waiting for the case if it does support it...

I have the LG G3 on T-Mobile.

No, it doesn't support Wireless charging out of the box, even though the back of the phone has the 4 connection pads which means it can do. The case it ships with only contains the NFC aerial.

In the end, I bought the QI Quick Circle case from Verizon Wireless's online store, which works fine and supports QI chargers. AT&T sell one which supports the (relatively less common) Powermat standard that Duracell are trying to push.

Devices sold in Europe have the QI backplate out of the box. I'm hoping some of those will find their way to the US!

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Yes i am aware. I got some of my answers already doing the dungeon crawling.

Here's the scoop after a bunch of searching myself. The LG G3 standard build supports both NFC and QI Wireless Charging. T-Mobiles build of the phone ONLY supports NFC and does not support Wireless charging as the antenna, charging chip and contacts are not present. Yes, they did it solely to sell you a $60 case.

Here's the good bit... if you google:

Factory Direct Wholesale wireless charging + NFC IC chip for LG G3 CASE D885 D830,D851,D850 F400L,F400K,F400S

You may find an outfit in Shenzen prepared to ship you the combined NFC/QI antenna and contacts that you can attach to the inside of your case...

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Actually LG sets the prices on their products and they sell them expensively in Europe and Asia.  Not all Korean models comes with charging either.

Their own website sells them for $60.  In Korea after conversion I believe is $85(Been a while since I have been down there)


Yeesh. I'm glad the idea of a wireless charging nightstand wart doesn't appeal to me.

I'll stick with a 6 foot USB cable and the ability to charge it while using it in bed, with no worries of waking up and finding it only half-charged.

The LG G3 does support charging but I purchased a knock-off cover and charge pad from Amazon and had no success. Reading the reviews I saw that several others tried with the D851(tmobile) model G3 and it didn't work. I will try the LG brand once I get my refund back for the others. The issue is that it recognizes that it's on the charging pad, but then it shows a "Slow Charging" error, and then cycles on and off charging mode.

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