WTF is wrong with Smart Switch Swamp?

  • 17 July 2021
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Since installing Smart Switch from the Samsung store to transfer my data via Wi-Fi Direct from my old Samsung J3 Prime to my new S10e, the J3 not only spontaneously restarted in the midst of the transfer, but is now impossibly sluggish, with the screen going black and unresponsive, with interminable delays in responding to touch commands, with repeated maintenance efforts failing to proceed and crashing, even after battery pulls + clean restarts (which themselves no longer provide normal home screens battery  required to restart.  Can’t forget to mention the battery heating, of course.

Since attempting the transfer, It’s gone from slow to useless.  I have an event tomorrow and can’t use this phone made worthless by Stupid Swamp.  It’s as if the app decided to move into the CPU and took over 99% of the cycles. 

My technology career stretched from DOS through LTE.  The mobile device market has never been particularly well-governed, but this is one of the very worst instances of chaos I’ve ever seen.  We’re talking about 30 seconds to move from screen to screen - if it moves at all.

The Smart Switch version is  Right now, all I can do is uninstall this piece of crap that hosed my phone and do battery pulls, clean restarts and try to be patient while SMS refreshes - when it does, in hopes that I can work tomorrow.   At least I can connect to pull critical folders to my laptop - although the J3 screen refuses to display after allowing access. 

Thanks for any direction.

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