Z Fold/Flip 3 Android 12 Update

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I bought the unlocked version but since I'm on Tmobile I cannot get the update, that is just awful all other carriers already have it! Need to up your game Tmobile no one believes you are actually doing something with the software just release ir already!

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And atop


And atop that, T-Mobile doesn’t even bother to respond to the inquiries of the customers that purchased the $1,800 phone from them.

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Samsung advised users of the Fold and flip 3 to ask T-Mobile why they have yet to release the android  12 update.  Verizon and At&t released already and T-Mobile has not. Samsung said they have done their part and now its 100% on T-Mobile.  So what's the hold up?

I wonder if it would be worth asking this question on twitter. Lots of businesses seem to respond quickly when complained about, there.

As a Fold 3 user, I’m frustrated with T-mobile’s ponderous “testing” pace, too.

I ended up buying a Google fi SIM card. I turned off my phone took out the T-Mobile SIM card and put in the Google fi SIM card. Then turn my phone back on and it asked me to restart to apply sim updates. After it restarted I went to settings check for update and it immediately began downloading. I did not sign up for Google fi or even download the Google fi app.

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I'm wondering as well, I don't like having one of the newest premium phone out and the manufacturer gave an update too which other phone carriers are receiving all over the world and it's also out in the US but At&t and Verizon customers get to enjoy but , because I chose to buy the same device from Tmobile I have to be late with updating my $1000 phone which is suppose to be running android 12 right now like the rest of the samsung z fold 3 and z  flip3. Tmobile you guys are messing up big time with your customers.  I'm totally unhappy with you guys.

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It's a good question. Verizon and AT&T have had it for nearly a week now. What is taking so long T-Mobile?