zte cymbal 2

  • 19 October 2020
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I'm looking at a ZTE Cymbal 2 - 4G LTE (GSM UNLOCKED) 2.8” Display Flip Phone Smartphone on ebay and I'm trying to figure out if I can use it with the prepaid plan.  I am a current customer of tmobile

1 reply

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I didn’t have much luck in finding too much info about that device.  T-Mobile requires non-T-Mobile devices to be compatible with T-Mobile’s VoLTE to work on their network now.  Although I could find a version sold by Bell in Canada, which supports the same implementation of WiFi Calling and VoLTE as T-Mobile, that doesn’t mean this phone will have either of those features.  Bell Canada’s bands used for their service are also quite different from what T-Mobile uses.  

Based on what I could find, I wouldn’t consider purchasing the ZTE Cymbal 2.