ZTE says update to fix a myriad of issues is in the works.....

  • 12 January 2017
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According to chat reps (ZTE seems to have in-the-know reps versus most other well-known OEMs) a major update is in the works to rectify all the known issues with this phone.  They seem to be a little more informative vs T-Mobile on this front.  Does anyone have anything to add other than to keep checking the out-of-date software update page for this phone on T-Mobile com?

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According to the ZTE rep I talked to on chat, Obsidian is an end of life product (and no more updates, I guess.) 😥

Which phone were you talking about when you said this phone?

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At the time of this posts thread the T-Mobile support community had not been redesigned yet. It was under ZTE Zmax Pro.