tmobile Tuesday

  • 27 February 2023
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I have the T-Mobile wifi gateway. It comes with a phone number so I thought I could get the MLS pass on T-Mobile Tuesday..but it asks for phone number and then sends a code to type in. I can't receive texts phone the phone number associated with the gateway, any ideas?

3 replies

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I think (??) the number is only good for Internet access. However, you can test it by sending yourself a text message to the gateway number. I have seen messages from T-Mobile on my gateway so it must receive texts.

good luck!


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All internet gateway receive text messages..

Open Tuesdays app ....put in gateway phone # ...get 4 digit code sent to gateway....enter into Tuesday app & redeem all your Tuesday promos !


Thanks you two, I had no idea I could get messages on the gateway till tonight. It worked!