55+ plan is for millionaires

  • 25 March 2023
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I signed up for the 55+ account with 2phones. FREE phone? Nope.  Free watch?  Nope. Free GPS device? Nope.  Cheaper plan?  4 times what I was paying Verizon ! 

This plan is for millionaires. 

3 replies

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Interesting?  I switched from Verizon last month, the same plan you have, and I am paying less than I was for Verizon, and I am getting much more as far as data, and I received a free Moto g 5g phone as well.  All for exactly as advertised.  Can you expand with more details?  

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I pay $60 for 2 line of unlimited but I signed up when it was the 55+ One plan.

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A plan for millionaires? You are clueless. I switched to T-mobile about 3 months ago after 20+ years on Verizon, which doesn’t offer a senior plan. I should have switched years ago. 

We have the Magenta 55+ plan here. My bill is $70 per month for two. I was paying nearly double that on Verizon for virtually the same thing. You do the math.