Apple Don’t Work in Puerto Rico network since Hurricane Maria :(

  • 14 January 2020
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I had an iphone 8 plus and upgraded to XR then IPhone 11 pro max recently and i have  the same issue in the same places where the phone shows 3-4 bars but we don't get data or texts and sometimes calls.  This happens in multiple places and not just in one specific area.  I've seen others complain about this, but I don't really see any resolution to the problem. The last iPhone don’t have a month in my account I visit the store and tell me the 14 days expire, the phone is new and have the same problems of others I change. I had to buy an unlocked Samsung Galaxy phone at Best Buy and now I have the service. help I use the iphone 11 Promax with WiFi is the only way I can use



2 replies

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Well that is incredibly odd! If this is specific to certain locations, the issue is definitely related to the network. Have you had a chance to reach out to our over the phone support folks yet? They will be able to create network trouble tickets for these locations to have them investigated.

Every body here make the same complaints about reception with Apple products. Appear LTE but no internet connection, since 2018 I trade 3 equipment and still the same problems. This time I call costumer service and told me take my iPhone 11 pro max to warranty, later make a complaint with the insurance, but my all phone are new and have the same problem no internet connection is sad because I love TMOBILE. I week ago I buy  Samsung Galaxy and my problems resolved I have internet and I received all calls. The problem is apple products on Tmobile network  The speed test is from my new Samsung Galaxy I need to buy because I need proof is the network no the equipment