Apple Watch

  • 20 May 2021
  • 1 reply


So I just upgrade my phone and I forgot my passcode for my watch so I can’t pair it with my phone.  I’ve tried placing it on it’s charger and pressing the round button to disconnect it from my old phone to pair with my new one and it’s not working.  It gives me an error message and sets a timer for the next time I can try and a new passcode (which I can’t remember).  Can anyone help me solve this please?!

1 reply

First, from your iPhone navigate to settings > iCloud (your name at the top) > then select your Apple Watch, and ‘remove from account.’ Now go to your watch and hold the side button until the option ‘power off’ appears and then hold the Digital Crown (round button) until ‘erase all content and settings’ appears. Select it. Wait for the reset to finish, and pair it the same as a new watch. The watch needs to be on the charger for it to allow you to reset it.