Apple Watch Series 3

  • 11 February 2018
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I am going to send you a private message so I can gather some necessary information.

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Hey, @tiffanyhuggins26​! How long has this been happening -- have you always had trouble with this, or did your watch work well and then suddenly stop? You have the watch set up on an Apple DIGITS plan, correct? Have you had any luck un-pairing and completing the ODA again?

I’ve been having this problem since I purchased the watch. Yes I do have it

connect to the digits account and yes I have tried unpairing and pairing it

again to my device

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Well, shucks! It sounds like it's behaving as though it's connected via Bluetooth, not DIGITS. You've definitely followed the correct self-help troubleshooting steps here! We'd need a member of our tech team with account access to review the back end provisioning and see if we can isolate a problem on that side. When you have a chance, can you Community-2153​ and have our Tech team take a look at this to make sure the set-up's properly done on the account side?
We don't have any current outages reported, or any known issues listed that fit this bill, so I'm hoping it's an isolated issue that we can take care of quickly. Just a heads up that to complete troubleshooting for this issue, it might be best to call on an alternate line (not the iPhone you're wanting to pair with the watch) if that's an option, so that we can walk through all steps to test the resolution on a single call. Please let us know how it goes!

I tried going through a tech support on your end and they told me they

would call me back but I haven’t heard back from them as yet and giving it

up to weds to see if they would call me back if not then I’ll try to reach

out to them once again

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Yowch. Waiting for a call back can be rough! Did we file a ticket -- was that the reason that we were going to follow up?

Yes they did file a ticket for the same issue

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When was the ticket initially filed? Have they reached back out yet or does the issue seem to be resolved? Sorry for the inconvenience!


No one got back to me yet and I’m having the same issues as before!

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Sorry to hear you are still having these issues! Do you happen to have the ticket number that was filed you?

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We really wanna make sure everything's working properly. Have you gotten an updates on your ticket?

Yes they did got back to me, but I’m having the same issue. They said maybe

the newer update will be able to fix my issue hopefully

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Like, an update to the watch software? What was the ticket number you had filed for you?

Yes update on the watch software and I’m not sure of the ticket number

can’t remeber that

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Okay, I don't believe this is a SW related issue. The reason your watch is not working when your phone is away or off is because the DIGITS line (for your Apple watch) may not be paired correctly on the account side with your primary number. Please contact us again when you have a moment and let the rep you speak with know that you want to speak with our DIGITS support team as they will be able to easily identify any irregularities on your account.

I tried all of that still nothing

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I am going to send you a private message so I can gather some necessary information.