Apple Watch Series 3 data Speeds - Throttled?

  • 15 September 2017
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Hi   Is the article below true that the Series 3 LTE Apple Watch will be limited to 512kps? 


I don't think T-Mobile understands how the new Apple Watch works - BGR


If so, this may make me switch carries when I get the Iphone X in November. 

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19 replies

.... and may make me cancel my order for the Series 3 Watch

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Hey @nsbalt

The link you posted it talking about the Data with Paired DIGITS plan promotion that we offer. It is only $10 a month w/auto pay. It allows you to duplicate your primary phone number on the watch and it gives you unlimited talk/text/data (at 3G speeds). This is a promotional offer for new Apple watch purchases and we actually give you the first 3 months free. If you would like the same DATA with Paired DIGITS plan but want to have high-speed, it would cost $20/month with auto pay on our Tax inclusive plan.

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and exactly what does a watch do that would need higher speeds than 512kb?

I have used a variety of standalone smart watches and there is actually absolutely NOTHING these watches do requiring anything higher than 100kbps imho.  Not like the watch is going to allow you to stream videos on it, send 1GB files and such like that from your wrists.

Streaming music, Siri requests, etc., all of which has been advertised for the Series 3 LTE capabilities —  it will not be slow for responses and when streaming music content.

We will see if any impact.  But charging twice as much for data on the watch for high speeds doesn’t seem right to me.  You are kind of making my my point, videos will not be streaming over watches —  why limit the speed to 512k, if the watch supports LTE speeds other than to simply increase the profit margin, because they can.

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All that stuff works at 2G speeds. Audio takes very little bandwidth.

Also because it connects to LTE doesn't mean it needs those speeds. The reason why you want it to connect on LTE because say you want to keep that watch for 3 years or longer. When carriers retire their 2G and 3G networks you would have to buy a new watch if it didn't connect. Some areas 2G is already killed.

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Also the reason being is because it's a digits line so it shares the same number. You could in essence "take" out the Sim and use it in another device and still use it. So it being $10 instead of regular price for smartphones or tablets can be exploited.

I'm extremely disappointed in T-Mobile regarding crippling the Apple Watch's data speed. 

I've put up with sub-par cell signal because I like the perks T-Mobile offers (GoGo flight data, now Netflix, etc), but this just seems stupid.

I want to stream high quality (not dumbed down with a low data rate) music from my LTE Apple Watch and this certainly seems like it will dumb that great feature down.

AT&T doesn't cripple the speed of its wearables.... and it gives free HBO :-)

@nsbalt  @magenta1910890

I use the DIGITS Duplicate SIM card in my Tablet LG GPadX 8.0 and these are the following activities I perform in my tablet:

1. Navigation in Google Map with Google Assistant for all sort of voice-based commands

2. Stream music from Pandora, iHeratRadio, Saavn, Spotify ( I have premium for Spotify and Saavn and hence I can stream HD music)

3. News updates from Washington Post and NYTimes ( I have premium for these two as well)

All these activities go on simultaneously and especially 1 and 2 goes simultaneously while I am driving my car. I can absolutely assure you there is no lag in streaming, no lag in voice-based command activities and even in navigation. I get approx 650kbps download speed and 750kbps upload speed (measured with OpenSIGNAL app). Also, my tablet receives FB messenger chat, Gmail updates and even with those, it does not hamper anything. So even if your Apple LTE watch is throttled to 512 kbps, you won't have any issues. Unless you are doing FaceTime, Skype Video Call, Duo Video call or streaming in YouTube, you won't feel that your data speed is throttled. You can take my word for that. A wearable really does not need 40Mbps+ LTE connection in true sense.

The added advantage will be you can share your Apple iPhone primary number and can keep your phone home and can still take calls while you are on the move. That is advantageous. What do you think? And further, as pointed out by @tidbits , LTE makes the lifetime of your watch longer in terms of years of usability and that's why you need the LTE in your watch.

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i read that T-Mobile has changed their initial decision, and now the Apple watch will have unlimited 4G LTE for $10 more per month 😉.

Where did you read that?

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Tmonews (current article)

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UPDATE: John Legere just announced that he’s “heard your frustration about the Apple Watch plan” and that, as a result, the Apple Watch Series 3 plan will now include unlimited 4G LTE data for $10 per month.

Well, that’s certainly good news!  Thanks for the info!

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you are welcome.

John Legere made this change.... but apparently the T-Mobile reps havn't read the memo yet 😉

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Hey now! Lol, to be fair, he announced that after I posted my original reply and left for the day. I just saw it this AM and was totally going to reply to this post. John is the best isn't he?

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I was just being a tad humerous with my comment, and based on the date and time of everyone's post I realized the NEWS UPDATE came at the end of the work day. So when I saw what John Legere announced... and then i noticed a bunch of post where the comments were focused on the limited data with the apple watch. There was an opportunity for me to add some GOOD NEWS to the forum 😊 .

T-Mobile is a great company, im totally satisfied 😊 I have had Verizon and AT&T for my wireless needs... I have recived more savings with T-Mobile than what I have ever received from AT&T and Verizon times 1000. Those other carriers charge you for every little thing and never wanna give back to customers. The free items and services via T-Mobile Tuesdays are unbelievable. 

Glad to see a CEO that actually listens and cares about the Customers!  Thank you John Legere!!!

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John be a pretty good scallywag aint he?

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