Apple Watch Series 6: No data on cellular

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The previous topic about this problem was closed with a generic “make sure your software is up to date!” message, so here’s a new one.


My Series 6 watch (with the latest software) will not connect to cellular. I’m paying for it, I have reception dots, it’s worked with previous watches, but this will not connect. 


This is still unresolved and judging by that closed thread, a lot of people are wasting $10/mo on this. It either needs to be fixed, or we need to be refunded for the past several months of watch data. 



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Same problem… and my software is up to date. Under the “Cellular” menu I can see that T-Mobile in listed under “Not In Use”. The only option provided is to remove the cellular plan and if you do that you’ll need to set up cellular all over again… which does not solve the problem. In fact, if you’re not careful you may end up setting up multiple lines (and getting charged for all of them).


@T-Mobile - You clearly have a provisioning problem that you have yet to fix. Why did you close the last thread? The problem is not fixed!

I Have the same problem with my Apple Watch series 5.When I first got the watch everything was working fine but since October 2020 it has been a complete issue.My watch is up to date and it dosent connect to internet.I can make calls no problem but I cannot access music or Siri or anything related to internet connection. I love T-mobile but this is unacceptable,I am paying 10 dollars but I cannot use it properly. I have already contacted T-Mobile and Apple and they say everything looks fine.And I look at my friends using Verizon in their apple watches and they work just fine.Same Apple Watch in the same spot.And I have sadly considered changing to Verizon because of this problem.T-Mobile you have the strongest network in the US lets put to use !!!!


Quick update: T-Mobile continues to not work on my watch. 


I am completely perplexed by this. I have the same problem with my Apple Watch 6. I’m 3 phone calls in and no solution. On two calls DIGITS employees said they would call me back and didn’t. On the third call the ‘expert’, after a long time already on the phone, put me on hold to talk to a DIGITS employee. Twenty minutes on I was still on hold and had to hang up as I had to go to an appointment. Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I really like T Mobile but their customer service on this is not on point and I may be forced to change provider unless they come forward with a solution. 

So I ran into this same issue but I am a previous sprint customer that switched to the t-mobile SIM card. Here’s how I resolved the issue:

If you still have your old sprint SIM card if your a sprint customer, have a customer service rep. reactivate that sim to your phone which will automatically update the Apple Watch back to the sprint cellular data which will resolve the whole issue. 

After I did this, my watch went back to working again.

If your t-mobile customer, I wonder if you can either find an old SIM card or visit a sprint store and see if they have old sprint SIM cards. It’s worth a shot!

I hope this helps everyone out!

I had a similar issue, where the the Cellular button on the Watch was white (indicating the cellular plan is active but connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth). 

I spoke with a customer service agent today and he removed the pairing with the phone, and then re-paired the EID of my Watch with the service.

I then restarted the Watch, turned off BT on my iPhone, and then turned the Cellular off then back on again on the watch.

Now, the Cellular button on the Watch is green indicating a cellular connection, with a couple of green dots above indicating signal strength. 

Same. And want a refund or a fix. I can’t even get them to call back to try to fix. 

Same issue here.  It seemed to work for a bit then recently, simply won’t due any cellular data away from phone.  Full bars, can sms and call but absolutely nothing else.  Wtf am I paying for?

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you might opt to contact TMO through either Facebook or Twitter..the site here is peer to unless another poster has an answer in here on how theirs was fixed you will need someone that can access your account..

I have two Apple Watch 4’s connected to my T-Mobile account, and I’m having the exact same problems as everyone else here. When I first switched over from Verizon, the watches seemed to work fine, and I could access Siri and everything else using cellular data. One of the reasons I bought these watches is so we could leave our phones at home or in our cars, especially when going for runs. So I’ve been paying $20/month for two lines that don’t work properly. I’m regretting switching over from Verizon and might have to go back if this isn’t resolved soon. T-Mobile really needs to address this issue so many of us are having.