• 22 November 2019
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As you might know, Goldman Suchs announced if paying through ApplePay I can get 3% cash back, unfortunately today at 2 locations card reader did not work. Meaning, bank providing false information. It's ok, providing to the cashier physical card I will still get 1% cash back, but I guess this is not right. What if I was buying something expensive at t-mobile, the difference would be more between 1% and 3%. I think it should be fixed. 

5 replies

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Hmm, that's no good if you're not getting the cash back that's supposed to be offered. Have you reached out to Apple Pay support to see if they have any more insight as to what's happening?

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I am having exact same issue and I am getting mixed answers from T-Mobile. Some saying this is not available, others saying engineers are working on fixing it, and some are saying it works 50/50. Kinda messy. A friend of mine was able to use Apple Pay at the store and pay his monthly bill. I tried after him and kept getting transaction errors. Him and I using Apple Pay and both have the new Apple Cards.

so went to a local place near my house, didn't get 3% on bills, another store said they don't take apple pay. another said it's through t mobile app which is a damn clear lie! been paying with apple card, no apple pay feature was added. tried a lot of different ways all 1% starting to think we all getting troll when credit card company and t mobile is pointing the fingers at each other..

As of today, I do not purchase anything from a T-mobile store. If I want to purchase a new iPhone, you can purchase it at an Apple Store. There, no matter how you pay, with the physical card or with Apple Pay, it will be 3% cash back.

Anyway, the problem to pay with Apple Pay at the store is tight to the terminal.

A place where Iàm having luncj regularly, Apple Pay works sometimes, and sometimes not.

This is a bummer, since you need to pay with Apple Pay to get the 3%.