Can I put my number back to the old sim card from the eSim

  • 26 June 2020
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I wonder once I port my number from the physical sim to the e-SIM on the phone, if I need to change to another phone, can I use the original sim card that with that number, or I need to purchase a new sim card in order to take the number from the e-SIM. Thanks!

2 replies

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Usually you can’t re-use a sim card.

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We actually have a process that lets us reuse a SIM card. While we strive for the best service possible, mistakes can happen and it’s much better if we switch the SIM back on rather than wait for a new SIM card. But you can only do it for a short time period after changing it and the reactivation also takes some time, so it might not be your best option if, say, you have a spare SIM card lying around. Either way, you’ll need to contact us over the phone, in the T-Mobile app, or on Facebook / Twitter so an Expert can look at your account and let you know what options are available.