Can I use or convert free tmobile line on cellular tablet

  • 23 June 2021
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Can I use or convert free tmobile line on cellular tablet? Is 5G then available on the free line or I cannot use it or I need a different plan? I can also tether from the Phone to the device (ipad, laptop or MiFi) even a laptop why need a different plan for the tablet or casual use? I am doing this for my daughter going to college who has a cellular tablet. Thx

2 replies

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Short answer is no. You would have to convert the free line from a mobile line to a line for a tablet then you would have to pay for the line.

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From what I’ve seen, offers like the by one like get the other line free offer would only be for another voice line. If that’s the case, you this wouldn’t be something you could switch to the free line. You should be able to convert a line to a tablet if you wish, or you could add it through another line on the account. The device will have 5G as long as it supports the feature on the phone and your daughter is using it in a 5G area.

Best of luck to her and I wish her nothing but success in college!