Can't connect to IP camera while on T-Mobile network APN IPV4 / IPV6 issue???

  • 22 December 2016
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I have an iphone 7 plus and can't connect to any IP camera.  Looking around on the web it looks like an APN IPV4 issue since the LTE runs on IPV6.  Anyone else have this issue?  This only occurs while on T-Mobile network, if I use wifi/tethering works fine.


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‌well after complaining to the app of the IP camera company they released an update finally and the issue has finally been fixed. So it seems that the app developer really needs to update to IPV6.

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Hey there! I am not very familiar with IP cameras but I wanted to check in with you to see if you were able to find an answer to your problem. Let us know 😊

That's because tethering still use ipv4. I was talking with another user that had the same problem using vnc to access their home computer. I believe they enabled ipv6 on their home router and it started working again. Have you checked your router settings?

‌Hello,  I have the same problem with not being able to access three different brands of IP cameras at my mothers home. The problem exist on iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 phones that are on my new account. The problem doesn't happen on my t-Mobile iPad Prol.  Just like the original poster we also don't have a problem when using Wi-Fi. I'm not sure exactly how to perform your suggestion with the router at my mothers home to see if this works.  Any help you could provide would be great. We also have Verizon iPhones 6 plus and 7 and don't have a problem with those phones  accessing the IP cameras over the Verizon network. Thanks in advance!

‌See this forum discussion.   This appears to be a proble caused / unique to T-Mobile which also affects The Ring electronic doorbell.  Apparently Ring did an app fix but that doesn't help my problem with the IP cameras.  Does anyone know if T-Mobile will fix this?  And if so an ETA?  

As in my previous post, this is probably to due with ipv6. Your home router needs to be able to support and have those options turned on. This did help someone else with the sand problem fix their issue. I would suggest starting there. Content the manufacturer of your home router if you need help enabling the ipv6 options for your home service.

forgot to paste the link:

Carrier - T-Mobile and Ring Doorbell (RANT) | MacRumors Forums

That's interesting as ring was able to fix it with updating their application. But like it is stated there,  the problem is coming because of ipv6 to ipv4 connections.  If your external connection from the server is ipv6 and you enable ipv6 on your router,  that should fix the problem.

I have the EXACT same issue as original poster. TMOBILE, iphone6, linksys wvc210 IP cameras at home, linksys EA4500 router at home. Around Christmas 2016, using my LIVECAMS PRO 4.5.5.

SUMMARY: from non-wifi, could no longer access my cameras using that app. been in contact with app developer who confirmed TMOBILE switched to IPV6 from IPV4.

He told me this

T-Mobile users and IPV6 networks:

T-Mobile no longer supports IPV4, which will break your DDNS or IPV4 network connections unless you add an

AAAA" record on your dns host configuration. For users of this video explains how to configure IPV6


I'm not super tech saavy, but Im currently exploring my router and IPV6. Will update if I get it working and would appreciate the same.



‌well after complaining to the app of the IP camera company they released an update finally and the issue has finally been fixed. So it seems that the app developer really needs to update to IPV6.

I have Amcrest cameras and they just updated their IPhone App to fix and now they work. I also have Lorex Ping, Pyle, and FLIR so I'm emailing the, to get ETAs on when their apps will be updated. If I happen to hear back I'll post, however frankly... Amcrest has got the best IP Cameras and customer service so I'm not surprised that addressed the problem.

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what camera app are you using ?

ive used Live Cams Pro for years, and love it, but unless I find a workaround or there's a new release, I'll be forced to find a different camera viewer on my iphone.


I have the sane issue, I have with 2 different sets of cameras, no update has fixed the issue.  I have the latest cameras, phone, app, modem, router, still in Relay mode...

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Its a known issue that can only come from Apple. Your only solution is to use a device that allows you to force a IPv4 connection so android.