Can’t make phone calls after 9pm?

  • 2 September 2020
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I just got the iphone 11 and it’s been working fine except the issue of not being able to make phone calls after 9pm. I can call anyone right before 9, but once it hits 9pm, I cannot receive or make calls. Whenever I dial a number, it will say “You are not allowed to make phone calls at this time. Always allowed numbers will be allowed.” My parents used to use tmobile family mode and I wouldn’t be able to use my phone after 9pm, but they took it off a while ago, I don’t know if that somehow transferred. I tried resetting my network and reinserted my sim card. Please help!

1 reply

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Have them call Support to see what they can do to correct the issue.  Once a feature is removed, it should no longer have any effect on the line.