Cannot call my husband's iphone!

  • 25 January 2017
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I switched my old iphone 5 to my husband's number, and I have an iphone 6 plus now. For some reason, whenever I try to call my husband, I get a recording that says the subscriber that I have dialed is not available or may have traveled outside the area. He is able to get other phone calls, but not from me. I have checked to see if I was blocked on his phone and I am not. I cannot text him either. I have reset both phones. What can I do?

3 replies

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Oh no! Keeping in touch with your husband is super important @irishkate298.

Question for you. Are you able to dial his number manually? You could also try deleting his number from you contact list then test it out again after adding him back. Please give that a shot and see if that helps.

It's working now! Thanks for your response. I tried everything and something worked, I'm not sure what, lol!

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That's great news! Thanks for coming back to let us know it's working! 😊

If you do figure out what you did, we'd love to know what fixed it for you. Otherwise, we could just say you have magic powers.