Dead iphone 6s Plus HELP

Can anyone tell of any other way o jump start my iphone?  It just stopped working. And I basically work off my iphone.


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The photos should be saved to your iCloud account. You can check here to see Sign in to iCloud - Apple 

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You can try this.

If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch won't turn on or is frozen - Apple Support

I have an old iPhone 5c that just did this.... been charging it for 5 days now 😥 Feels bad. If the steps that @gramps28 posted didn't help, we may need to look into an exchange if you have the extended warranty on the phone. If not, it may be time for an upgrade.

Happy Friday, @magenta6898239​!

Were you able to bring your iPhone 6s back to life? If not, did you try the steps previously recommended? Keep us posted.

No go... And yes I tried all the recommendations.  I have  many photos in there and how can I get them out when I can't even turn my phone back on? I ordered another iphone, can I transfer anything from my dead phone to my new one?

The photos should be saved to your iCloud account. You can check here to see Sign in to iCloud - Apple 

Almost till I logged into icloud and I have a two security code and sent me the code on my dead phone. How am I suppose to get that code to get into my icloud?

Oh yikes, okay. In that case, if you do not have any other trusted devices associated with your Apple ID (like a mac or iPad) you are going to have to go through the account recovery steps. Recover your Apple ID when you can’t reset your password - Apple Support 

Hey, @magenta6898239​!

Were you able to access your photos stored on iCloud? Also, has the new iPhone arrived yet?

No I don't know how to get my photos out of my dead iphone. Also I got my new iphone 3 days ago but I can't use it yet because I can't get my verification code from my dead iphone. I was with Apple for the last two and a half days now and 1 day with T-mobile. Who figures?  I'm going crazy because I work on my phone, I'm a photo editor and I need those photos to edit them.

Thanks for reply


Did you get a change to go through the "Recover your Apple ID when you can’t reset your password - Apple Support​" link I posted a couple days ago? I had to go through this same process recently. This will be the only way to recover your account when you do not have access to a trusted device for the verification code.

T-mobile sent me to Apple support, they couldn't help me.

Thanks anyway,


I am so sorry. I am %100 certain that the link I posted above will help your resolve this as it did for me personally not long ago.

That's ok Chris, Apple went through this with me and 3 support agent couldn't help me. We ended at that verification page every single time. Each of them had different way of doing things but the outcome was always the same I can't get my verification code with my dead phone. So they'll call me back tomorrow to see if they can come up with something else. If that don't work, I'm taking that iphone and go to a T=mobile store and trade it for a non Apple iphone.. Too bad too, I love Apple's iphones. But I have to get my photos out of my dead phone or else I might lose my job.

Thanks for your help, I'll keep you guys informed,

Marie (magenta6898239)