Delayed iPad 8 order

  • 15 October 2021
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I ordered an iPad 8 at the end of September. There was over a month wait for shipping, which I accepted. The last shipping date estimate was for 10-11 and it's the 14th now with no update. I understand that there is a fulfillment issue, but the dates haven't been updated or anything and I'm staying to get a little frustrated with no updates.


1 reply

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I’d check the shipping site and the T-Mobile site to see if there’s a difference. Normally, the device will ship once you’ve been charged unless there’s something else going on. You should’ve gotten tracking information you can use to get an update on the status. If not, touch base with our Care team so they can do escalate a ticket to check on our system to see if there’s something we need our internal teams to take care of.