Dissatisfied Customer Feedback - Urgent Attention Required

  • 8 May 2024
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I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to express my extreme disappointment with the service I have received from T-Mobile since switching my mobile number from H2O Wireless.

I recently ported my number to T-Mobile and purchased an iPhone 15 Pro under a 24-month contract. However, the very next day, I encountered a severe issue where my phone was unable to make or receive calls. Despite numerous attempts to resolve the issue through both store visits and calls to customer care, my problem remained unresolved.


During my visit to a T-Mobile store, I requested assistance to check the SIM card, but unfortunately, the staff did not respond adequately. Instead, I was informed that I would need to purchase a new SIM card at my own expense, which I found unacceptable given the circumstances. It was only after reluctantly paying for a new SIM card that my phone began functioning again.

This experience has left me feeling deeply dissatisfied with T-Mobile's service and has prompted me to reconsider my decision to continue using T-Mobile. As a customer working in the IT industry, reliability and efficient customer service are of utmost importance to me, and unfortunately, T-Mobile has failed to meet these expectations.


As IT employee I’m working  and lost my day with my mobile number not working and lost my payment for this today. Hope you are understand the mobile is how important to IT  working professionals. 

I urge you to address this matter urgently and take necessary steps to improve the quality of service provided to customers. I sincerely hope that my feedback will be taken into consideration and that appropriate measures will be implemented to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

1 reply

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@HeavenM should be able to point you in the right direction since this is basically a user to user forum.